Little Children

“My daughter, you hear My voice. Write! Write!

Glory! Glory! Glory!

Rejoice my children for I AM with you.

I AM coming soon. Very soon.

Keep your robes white without spot.

Know that I AM your King.

Your one and only King.

Keep your eyes on Me, not on man.

You will be safe.

Trust in me for I AM the Lord.

Say after Me, “I am Your child. Your redeemed. Your beloved.

No one can steal this Truth from me.”

I am Jesus the Christ.

Wait for Me my little ones.

All heaven awaits your arrival rejoicing without cease.

Great are the days ahead. Rejoice! Rejoice!

We are one. Yes, we are one, with the Father and the Holy Ghost.

Glory! Glory! Glory!

I come.

Verily I say unto you, be still.

Do not let the wind take you.

Be still. Listen for Me.

I AM almighty. There is nothing that is not subdued under Me.

I made all things and all are subject to Me.

Fear not. Fear not! My beloved.”

(The Lord told me people do not understand how near He is to His believers. That they must KNOW now. I am trusting this word. It is unusual but who am I to question His method. All glory and praise be to Jesus our Lord!)



God is pulling back the veil each day

I have resisted this information for some time; but, TruNews details it with zeal today. This is the most powerful show they have ever aired. Pray for them as they are confronting the enemy head-on. Send them your support even if only a few dollars.

In the last 24 hours two of their team had separate auto accident–one very serious. The enemy is on the move. Pray.

You may not like what you hear. Ask the Holy Spirit in you to be a witness and confirm the information.

I’m back! By His command


by Mary Magdalene

I’m back. Our traffic never disappeared even though I did. Prayer requests still came in.

You may wish to understand why I stopped posting. I did not want to be yet another vain voice. And most of all irreverent, raising my voice above the Lord’s.

I seek no money. Only to please Him, to serve Him, to obey Him in these dark times.

He commanded me to come back here a week ago. I dragged my heels.

Moments ago He told me again. I jumped. So here I am.

Jesus knows I do not want to post anything that is not from Him. Full stop.

He also told me a week ago I would be–am–an evangelist. So I spent a little time learning about one of the five-fold ministries. And Philip, And Paul. And Peter.

I do not feel ready–that is my memory of verses is not ready. My heart is ready. My knowledge of Him is unshakeable. Clearly Jesus believes this is sufficient.

So I await my instructions from the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords…soon to return.

I feel like a new wineskin about to burst!

May the Lord bless you, edify you through this humble vessel.




My natural family is filled with dark spirits. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Their words do not honour me. They are vile. Please pray for them, for mercy and salvation. They contact me to destroy me without cause.

I have dusted off my feet that I may keep my eyes and thoughts on Him and His children. Let them not extinguish my light in my hour of need.

Pray for my secular work because it is a light in the darkness and a door to ministering. It is good and blessed  by the Lord.

My new family will be my brothers and sisters in Christ. I want to keep my walk straight and please the Lord.

I declare I am not alone. The Comforter is in me. And he strengthens me in this dark hour.

I will not give place to darkness and ungodly counsel.


We your servants long to be with you forever.