Prophecy April 7, 2019

Prophecy April 7, 2019

I am your Lord, your God, your Father who is in heaven but in your midst. I am with you my little ones. Do not think you are not in My favor you whom I have chosen. You are my special ones, my first fruits, the ones to enter My Kingdom on earth.

Now listen. Hear My words. For they will be meat to your bones in the years ahead. You must heed My words. Listen carefully.

You hear many words, but only few are true. These words are true and match my words of old.

I give prophecy to those I choose and I also to my prophets. These are two separate gifts and ministries respectively. This is my prophecy this day.

You will encounter frightening events but will not be moved as the Spirit of God is within you and will give you peace. You know my signs. They are for your edification and to announce the closeness of My coming.

I hear you all. Your cries, your prayers, your worship. Do not feel condemned when you sin, as I know you are contrite and humble. The flesh is cursed and you are at war with it daily. I understand and give you grace and mercy without measure. I know your heart.

Now here is the prophecy.

The day is coming for the first sign. Be still and know that I am God. It will be a great shaking. I will shake the whole world. Not even the unborn will miss my shaking. It will be this year, in the warm season.

I am filled with wrath regarding the filth of the enemy and those that have followed his ways. This will be the last chance for those who have fallen away to redeem themselves, to repent and accept that I am their God, the only true God, Jesus the Christ, the way, the only way to eternal life in the kingdom of heaven.

This event will be presented as other than biblical by the servants of the evil one. Know that I am God and nothing occurs that I do not cause or allow to occur. It is my first large gathering, a large harvest.

The skies will open. Angels will descend and ascend. The fallen ones will also descend and be allowed to torment those who have rejected Me, My grace and mercy. Yet I will be merciful if they confess and repent.

Many will be lost. Do not cry for them as they have worshiped the evil one and welcomed him into their hearts. They have been changed and transformed into agents of evil. You know them by their fruits.

Stay indoors during this time. Close your doors. And do not come out until I give you the sign. You will hear it. Anoint your entry points, doors and windows. And wait for my sign. Your home will not be touched. Not a crack will be found in your walls and foundations. Be still. Pray for a great harvest. Pray for your loved ones. Those you lift up to me will saved.

Thus saith the Lord of Hosts to my precious daughter.

ANSWER TO ANNA : Being Left Behind

By Mary Magdalene

I am doing something new. I am responding to comments from archived posts and answering prayers as posts–so you can all be edified. I will protect your identity, just using your first name.


You wrote: I would like to act Brother Barry Scarborough about “The Unleashing” this guy I thought was saying the right things but he said that you can get left behind if you don’t repent. And I know that I am a sinner and I asked Jesus Christ who I know died on the Cross for the Worlds Sins, and I am covered with His blood, and that He rose on the 3rd Day and He had a Glorified Body. And I can’t wait until the Rapture and this guy on the Unleashing on said that we can be left behind unless we don’t sin, which is impossible. I ask Jesus for forgiveness. But this guy scared me. I though we are living in the Age of Grace? Please let me know what I have to do so I don’t get left behind. Thank you. Anna

First let me give you precepts about the final Judge, Jesus, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords.

1- He is a loving God. Love we cannot comprehend. Beyond our experience. He loves you.

2- He knows your heart. Your thoughts. There is nothing lukewarm about you.

3- Your contrition is evident. He knows you. God is not fickle.

4- Don’t wait for the rapture because in fact it could happen moments before His return. Be a 10 talents person. Not a one talent person who buries fearing judgment.

5- If Barry scares you, know he is just a man. You do not have to listen to him. His theology is slanted with “once saved always saved.” Now you are damned if you don’t repent? Barry should decide.

We do not serve a God of confusion. Jesus wants you to experience His joy and rest in Him.

6- I too repent daily. In the morning and when I lay to rest. The tongue is usually my reason. Repenting when you sin is good practice–from the heart. And as soon as you sin. But you are right, we will not be sinless until we are with Him. Repentance is as a washing away. Yes, it would render the cross of no power if we were damned; but, it is not a license to sin. Simply, God loves a contrite spirit.

The washing of the feet of His disciples is not just about humility but also contrition. It is very interesting that these two members touch the cursed ground where the devil walks. He did not say wash the whole body.

7- If you have a spirit of addiction or bitterness or such ask Him to help you with this. To strengthen you. If not, please disregard.

8- Just talk to Him. He loves to walk with you.

You will not get left behind Anna. This is heresy. God sent you to me Anna. Frankly, Barry is a little too confident. Jesus is Judge, not any man. God loves a humble and contrite spirit.

He loves you and encourages you through me. All praise and glory be to God, our beloved Jesus.

p.s. Don’t forget the Holy Spirit is the Comforter. Trust Jesus above all. Not man.


Little Children

“My daughter, you hear My voice. Write! Write!

Glory! Glory! Glory!

Rejoice my children for I AM with you.

I AM coming soon. Very soon.

Keep your robes white without spot.

Know that I AM your King.

Your one and only King.

Keep your eyes on Me, not on man.

You will be safe.

Trust in me for I AM the Lord.

Say after Me, “I am Your child. Your redeemed. Your beloved.

No one can steal this Truth from me.”

I am Jesus the Christ.

Wait for Me my little ones.

All heaven awaits your arrival rejoicing without cease.

Great are the days ahead. Rejoice! Rejoice!

We are one. Yes, we are one, with the Father and the Holy Ghost.

Glory! Glory! Glory!

I come.

Verily I say unto you, be still.

Do not let the wind take you.

Be still. Listen for Me.

I AM almighty. There is nothing that is not subdued under Me.

I made all things and all are subject to Me.

Fear not. Fear not! My beloved.”

(The Lord told me people do not understand how near He is to His believers. That they must KNOW now. I am trusting this word. It is unusual but who am I to question His method. All glory and praise be to Jesus our Lord!)



I’m back! By His command


by Mary Magdalene

I’m back. Our traffic never disappeared even though I did. Prayer requests still came in.

You may wish to understand why I stopped posting. I did not want to be yet another vain voice. And most of all irreverent, raising my voice above the Lord’s.

I seek no money. Only to please Him, to serve Him, to obey Him in these dark times.

He commanded me to come back here a week ago. I dragged my heels.

Moments ago He told me again. I jumped. So here I am.

Jesus knows I do not want to post anything that is not from Him. Full stop.

He also told me a week ago I would be–am–an evangelist. So I spent a little time learning about one of the five-fold ministries. And Philip, And Paul. And Peter.

I do not feel ready–that is my memory of verses is not ready. My heart is ready. My knowledge of Him is unshakeable. Clearly Jesus believes this is sufficient.

So I await my instructions from the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords…soon to return.

I feel like a new wineskin about to burst!

May the Lord bless you, edify you through this humble vessel.