Little Children

“My daughter, you hear My voice. Write! Write!

Glory! Glory! Glory!

Rejoice my children for I AM with you.

I AM coming soon. Very soon.

Keep your robes white without spot.

Know that I AM your King.

Your one and only King.

Keep your eyes on Me, not on man.

You will be safe.

Trust in me for I AM the Lord.

Say after Me, “I am Your child. Your redeemed. Your beloved.

No one can steal this Truth from me.”

I am Jesus the Christ.

Wait for Me my little ones.

All heaven awaits your arrival rejoicing without cease.

Great are the days ahead. Rejoice! Rejoice!

We are one. Yes, we are one, with the Father and the Holy Ghost.

Glory! Glory! Glory!

I come.

Verily I say unto you, be still.

Do not let the wind take you.

Be still. Listen for Me.

I AM almighty. There is nothing that is not subdued under Me.

I made all things and all are subject to Me.

Fear not. Fear not! My beloved.”

(The Lord told me people do not understand how near He is to His believers. That they must KNOW now. I am trusting this word. It is unusual but who am I to question His method. All glory and praise be to Jesus our Lord!)



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