Miracle of Bible page-pointing : Nehemiah’s wall, again


By Mary Magdalene

I have seen a few Christian bullhorns scoff at those who speak up about miraculous moments, the Lord opening the Bible to a precise verse needed in that moment. Remember, God created the world, every beast and mankind to the last quantum particle (if there is one!). So, be quiet you scoffers.

Last week, after listening to a message about President Trump building his wall early in the morning, I ceased my web access to read the word–yes, paper pages with ink. The Lord opened my NKJV, Ryrie Study Bible, to page 722, Prophet Nehemiah’s writings, Chapter 3. (I normally read the KJV.) I had not been in this Chapter since I don’t know how long… I was dumbfounded by the words my eyes first read.

The mathematical probability of this occurring, being given this passage, is 1 in 2,000+ (as in the number of pages). Now, the math is exponential when you add up the linear time when this occurred, at the very moment I listened to the message about President Trump’s wall. I am not an actuary; but, I would guess it is easily 1 in a million. We need to know when the Lord is speaking to us. His ways are higher than our ways. His eyes are on us. He knows our thoughts. He orders our footsteps. Period!

CONSIDER ! O! children of the Lord.

Before I share the words He gave me, I want to state categorically, the Lord does this often, confirming His desire for my attention on the message, confirming to me my inner reflections, revelations jumping out from the word. This is why it is the living word. It is alive!

Nehemiah was King Artaxerxes’s food taster, ensuring the King would not be poisoned. He also became Governor of Judah and rebuilt the walls around Jerusalem in 52 days. This was a completion of the restoration started under King Cyrus, continued in King Darius and completed under King Artexerxes. The world is aware of the Prophets who compare President Trump to King Cyrus, a secular King anointed by the Lord for the restoration of Israel after 70 years of captivity in Babylon.

America’s footsteps under President Trump mirrors God’s ways and plans, bringing this age to a close. It is a time of restoration, a great harvest. Until the devil is thrown into the abyss for 1,000 years, we can assume this time of mercy and exceeding grace will generate a great harvest. The very Hebrew year we are in, 5777, states the same.

The doom and gloomers are likely missing the truth of the present time, keeping people in fear, the opposite of faith. The chastening of His children has come to an end. The harvest through restoration under repentance and the fear of God is in motion. The extent of genuine prayer in the White House, the President and His cabinet present, has not been seen for a long, long time.

So, the wall will be rebuilt around America and Jerusalem. The 3rd temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem (with the support of America) as prophesied; this confers great, great blessings on America. God’s hand is moving upon the whole world. No question.

Those who mess with His plan, His word, will fail or perish. Do not mess with your Creator. If you want to know Him, you better read the inherent, word of God.

Jesus, the 45th King of Israel, will then return to extinguish all darkness for a millennia. O! what a wonderful time this will be. The world has never known its true form since the fall in the garden.

Imagine, one King, Yeshuah Ha Maschiah, Jesus Christ, King of Kings, leading the world. A world of peace. Usury to an end. Greed to an end. Murder to an end. War to an end. Lies to an end. Deception to an end. Truth begins. All knowledge begins. Broken hearts heal. Joy abounds.


Here is the line the Lord cracked my Bible to :

The Rebuilding of the Walls 3:1 – 7:4

Now Nehemiah’s Chapter is deeply integrated with the previous by Ezra. So I study and report back to you shortly. I encourage you all to read and study these two chapters, line upon line, precept upon precept.

My next post will report what the Lord reveals to me.

Thank you!

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