Children, you must train for battle. The enemy is striking.

This video is based on a sermon by Derek Prince who taught us well on spiritual warfare. The video helps retain the information and is entertaining. Watch. Take this advice seriously.

Learn to wear the full armor and to use the weapons the Lord gave you. The enemy will try to stop you; but, you will be victorious. He knows the power in your faith and trembles in your dominion over him. Have no mercy with this enemy who hates God’s creation–all men, beasts and earth itself. He is the destroyer. He is is elusive, invisible; but, very present in his minions who do his bidding relentlessly.

Your battle is in your home and your neighborhood. The strongman must be identified and bound, destroyed. The demons tend to be in gangs and one is governing over them. Destroy him.

This is not a Hollywood movie. This is real. The enemy is beside you, over you; but, not for long if you take this seriously. It is the root problem in your life. Everyone’s life. Warfare for those who cannot, for your region, for your nation. Your prayers are power.

Aren’t you fed up with him? Then cut off his head. Send him/they into the pit.

“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal (not of this earth) but MIGHTY IN GOD for pulling down of strongholds.” 2 Cor 10:4

“God is not a man that He should lie.” Num 23:19

Therefore believe Him. Go forth with great faith. Go on the offensive.

Strike also the spirits that torment you. Spirits of poverty, depression, addiction, infirmity, sexual immorality, pride–there are many. They lie. They torment. They oppress. This is not God’s plan. These are Satan’s weapons.

THIS IS REAL. THIS IS OUR WORLD. We live in it but are no longer of this world. We are no longer under Satan’s dominion. Take your sword out and your “intercontinental ballistic missile,” your prayers. Bind and loose. Bind and loose. Bind and loose. Again. The devil will flee from you. And you will release blessings on yourself, your family, everyone in your prayers.

YOU MUST DO IT! You are commanded. And you need it. If your church won’t help you, believe the Word. And the guidance here and from the Holy Spirit in you.

You must first be clean. Confess and repent of all sins known and unknown. Forgive everyone. Deep in your heart. Be humble. Then you are ready for your training, which means trying out your armor, your power. It should become second to breathing.

I am in 2nd level training and going into spiritual warfare as never before. It’s time. We are called to the front.

Thank you Lord for empowering us. Thank you for your Word. Thank you for your instruction. Thank you for our Guide, the Holy Spirit. All glory in our victory is yours.

Thank you!

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