George Soros (Schwartz) plots known worldwide.

George Soros’s NGOs perform the following:

  • civil unrest with violent protests
  • government overthrows
  • collapsing of economies (e.g. Russia)

He is ostensibly a terrorist, domestic and foreign.

All his NGOs must have their funds frozen and doors closed, until he is investigated, arrested and tried. All his funds, gained in early life by stealing from Jews in the Holocaust, must be frozen.

He hides his funds in Antilles and the Nederlands–there are likely other nations. Interpol can travel anywhere with impunity. He laughs thinking he is protected by reciprocity treaties. He would be wrong.

Soros, you are on notice. You have messed with God’s children. You are no match for Him or His angelic army.

President Trump is a deal-maker. Cut his funds!

He has supported Hillary and these Judas’, Republican ‘turncoats’. It’s amazing what men will do for thirty pieces of silver. Here are those who received funds:

John McCain, Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham.

NOW WATCH SOROS telling you from his own lips what he believes. Believe not a word of his advice; but, believe the sociopathy in his comments. Listen to his response on his early gains from the holocaust. He is a disgrace.

“I cannot look at the social consequences of what I do,” George Soros (Schwartz)

He warns to “anticipate evil [and react]. The world is responding Georgie. Be afraid. The Lord God is turning the tables over and cracking the whip again.

I decree, in the name of Yeshuah Ha Maschiah, “No weapons formed against President Trump, his chosen Cabinet, his family and the good American people shall prosper.”

Lord with the authority you have given me, I command the legion of demons in this evil man to depart. Be gone! in the mighty name of Yeshuah Ha Maschiah.

This man is clearly aware of his “amoral” behavior Lord. Avenge your children Lord! Destroy this enemy!

We cry out for justice!


Thank you!

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