Spirit of Confusion separating the sheep from the goats

If someone had told me twenty years ago we’d be having conversations, arguments and even laws about our gender today, I surely would have thought, I am being ‘punked’. There are over 70 gender identifications and some of them border on insane. Some identify as dogs, others as babies. It’s all about indulging maladjustment. And the devil loves its defiling outcome on God’s DNA. If you doubt these are signs of end of days, you need to read the Bible’s key passages, Matthew, Timothy, Hebrews, Revelation, and more. Search key words at BibleGateway.com .

Those who are unbelievers say the Bible was written “by a man.” Watch out you could end up in jail with this gender statement! This is how ridiculous and lawless the world is becoming.

The Spirit of Confusion is spreading like wildfire and God is allowing it. The whole world is getting winnowed.

Choose your gender and save your soul, your eternal life. There are two gender choices: The two God made or the myriad inventions, the evil one aims squarely at depriving you of your eternal life with your real Father. You see, he is jealous of you. He hates you because he is unredeemable. So he appeals to your confusion with propaganda.

Clearly people have unresolved issues and the social engineers are having a great ol time adding to the chaos. It won’t be long now that if you call yourself a woman or a man you will be arrested, be re-educated or go to the guillotine.

I am a woman. 100%. I love being a woman. If the Lord wills it, I will marry a ‘man.’ A man who loves Jesus more than me. I muse, I am a ‘woman who identifies with Jesus’. Gender that! Not gonna happen in this corrupt world.

I just remembered…there is a gender that identifies as a worm. Not kidding. So Kafkaesque. Darwinist. And filthy. My prayers will include vengeance, warfare against these wicked spirits.

Dr. Brown addresses the subject. Can hardly believe this is ‘reporting’ and not fiction.

Thank you!

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