This page is for all who wish to reach out to me/us for reasons other than prayer. If you need prayer please to go the prayer tab. This page is for general comments and those seeking to be published at AllSoulsAreMine or broadcast at All Souls Radio.


If you wish to schedule an interview on AllSouls Radio send us your info below. Just started February 10, 2016.

  1. Have you written a Christian book, or produced a Christian movie?
  2. Are you a Pastor, worship leader, evangelist?
  3. Do you have a miracle, divine message or prophecy to report?
  4. Do you wish to share your experience?

Please tell me as much as you can.

3 comments on “Contact

  1. Megan says:

    Hi Mary. Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see anywhere to email this to you so I’m putting it here so you may post it. Hopefully you will see it. It is a dream my mother Joanne had last night:

    A Dream From YahuShua The Christ, The King of Glory (April 9, 2012)

    I was in a store with someone I knew. This person was in need of a high chair for her family, but when I showed her the high chair she walked right passed it, and instead of purchasing the high chair, she purchased a lavish jewel studded, large, silver, mans bracelet. I was greatly puzzled by this, as she was not wealthy.

    We went to the check out, and another individual I knew was ringing up the purchase. I was surprised to see her working there.

    The woman I was shopping with seemed to have an uncanny driven purpose regarding the lavish bracelet and who it was for. I felt like a spectator as I followed behind her. She took the bracelet in hand, and proceeded out the back door, knowing exactly who, and where, it was to be delivered. I had the sense that she was not of her own mind, as she was neglecting the purchase of the high chair that was needed for her family.

    I followed her out the door of the store, and there in the midst of a beautiful green grassed parking lot, was a huge limo type vehicle, with gorgeous yellow and gold flowers all around it. The vehicle was all white, and had large plate glass windows the entire length of it, on the front side, so you could easily see those individuals sitting inside of it. They were men, dressed in exquisite white satin, gem studded suits, with one of them being the focus of the group.

    The woman I was shopping with, walked directly up to the limo, and had her picture taken by a single photographer, with the bracelet in her hand, that she was intending to give to the man in the limo.

    I was confused and shaken as I had no idea what was going on, and what this was all about. She was acting so strangely.

    The whole vision of the white limo, beautiful grass parking lot, the multitude of flowers, the mens white satin suits, the expensive gem studded thick silver bracelet, and all the people getting their pictures taken by a photographer, was shocking to me. I just stood and watched as they seemed to be mesmerized, or something like that.

    The dream ended at that point. I awoke and asked the LORD, “was that dream from you?” He said, “it was and you are to post it”.

    The LORD has taught me that whenever He gives me a dream I must prayerfully ask for the interpretation that the understanding be made clear before sharing it. Also I am to ask Him if it is to be shared with others. I tell you this because “The fear of the LORD is wisdom”.

    I then prayed and asked for Him to speak the interpretation to me:

    YahuShua The Christ said, “The man in the limo is the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet. All those getting their picture taken have been taken captive, and into captivity they will go.”

  2. end of the edge .The end time has come and every child of God should be prayerful for the time we are in now .I strongly believed that the Lord will hel His elects even at thes last days in Jesus ame, amen

Thank you!

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