I aimed to produce this video but dear Sister Kimberly beat me to it. Praise God. Hallelujah! Christians must I remind all: HE THAT IS IN YOU IS GREATER THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD. We are at war with an enemy that is subtle and soulless. You have an armor. You have the weapons. We have the sword of the Spirit. Swing away.

Open your mouths and clear the air on this hallow’s eve, most evil twilight. I have shut my curtains blocked my entry. I have peered outside and see parents with small children, going to door-to-door with cursing and getting cursed.

Kimberly has compiled numerous verses for spiritual warfare. Learn to war against the devil here. Wonderful. Thank you Lord for this faithful servant!

The conspiracy against women challenged by Jesus

‘Myriam of Magdala’ was indeed given a false identity. Every woman must listen to this and be encouraged. You will learn enduring false interpretations of the word and an attempt to marginalize women.

Remember, Peter and John ran to the tomb after Jesus resurrected; but, He did not reveal Himself to them. So they departed back to the upper room. Jesus chose Mary Magdalene as the first witness of His resurrection. It was clearly very deliberate.

Mary Magdelene : My first ‘sermonette’

I just went live with this video. It is a dress rehearsal for upcoming sermonettes. I will make them shorter and very specific from here on. Just dipping my feet in the Lord’s river of life in this one! I promise to take you where the Lord takes me–unless that’s up and away!
P.S. It takes so long to record, edit, extract and upload just ten minutes of video. Writing is my first choice.

Mystery man discloses earth cataclysms begin day after Christmas

By Mary Magdelene

I have resisted this Mike from around the world mystery man and also Pastor Paul Begley; but, I may be wrong to persist. I don’t like the fear this video (or any of Begley unrelenting fear messages) may create in people; but again, this information coming through is not alone. It is erupting and not from the same source.

If you start listening around 1:00:00 you will hear Mike reiterate was he is told shall begin December 26, this year. He calls it, the second wave of energy. It may be important to listen to this and take notes that you may remember and share when and if you make a decision that his testimony is true.

The ruling class have been setting themselves up underground for decades. I have considered that the many scientists and doctors said to have died are in fact recruited and living underground.

Russia has prepared. US has prepared. Sweden has prepared. I know this for a fact. I believe any war is a distraction, often a rumour. I believe all nations of the world are collaborating frantically for more than we realize.

According to the Bible none of the ruling elite will survive what is coming. Not one. Only the Lord’s chosen, born again Believers, will stand when the heavens exact their judgment detailed in Revelation of Jesus Christ. One hundred pound fireballs will pummel the whole planet. Plasma conduits will evaporate all in contact with them. The earth will crack like an egg. These events are in Revelation; but, now being discussed widely. So much more is expected.

Is it one big hoax? Or is it upon us?

We who wait for our Lord eagerly look forward to being on the surface and His judgment as we know it is a new beginning. He is near. I cannot vouch for the unsaved; but, I can try with all my heart to warn them, bring them to salvation. It is commanded of us all.

The Lord’s sheep will likely be raptured in His perfect timing, in the twinkling of an eye.

Please do write to me if you need prayer or wish to be born again i.e. give your life to Jesus. See the tabs above. I am not asking, nor want, any money.


DNA resonance changed by the Holy Spirit – impenetrable!

Anthony Patch reveals this astonishing fact about Believers, just after the 1:00:00 point in this interview. Coming from such a learned, temperate man, this information leaves my jaw dropping. Be encouraged Brothers and Sisters.

“What is holding back the mark of the beast is the Restrainer (the Holy Spirit),” says Anthony Patch. “Once the Restrainer is removed from the earth (the rapture) they can throw the switch…”

“It’s been definitively presented that government agents using detectors scan the DNA of everyone in [a] church…and they cannot break through the resonance of the DNA of people who have the Holy Spirit within them.” This is the agents’ admission.

We have supernatural protection.

Breaking : Important development for Trump side

As a Watchman I report this critical development. God continues to make the wicked naked.

Brother Steve Ben DeNoon reports on Clinton Foundation CEO, Eric Braverman, taking refuge at Russian Embassy in New York, last Sunday. This action in itself sends a clear message to the world how fierce the Clintons truly are. Pray that he speaks before the elections. First Snowden, then Assange, now Braverman. Clintons are in whack-a-mole mode. The dam has too many holes. I am confident this is one more domino in more to come. The regime of enslavement is crumbling. Thank you Jesus for waking up the world and giving us a chance for revival.

Two days later, Putin delivers this press conference. What does he now know?

Stop. Just stop. Be still.


When the magnetosphere collapsed around our planet last week, I reported it as a Watchman should. Should a Watchman make endless videos frightening viewers with shouts and drama, about ever conceivable calamity, inciting fear? A watchman lays quietly watching for the enemy. He does not blow the trumpet on hunches and rumours.

I have grown tired of videos from the throngs with many exclamation marks, alerts, and warnings that, “the end is near.” Some have gone as far as stating, “it’s too late,” “the end is here,” and “no point of return.” In fact, one believer this morning headed a video, “zero time left.” Often, it is clickbait for revenue and vanity itself. But truly, it does not serve the Lord.

What would Jesus have you doing?

Please stop. Please just stop. Stop the nihilism. Stop shining a light on the devil’s works.

You are hurting the flock while you should be feeding them. Jesus will remind you at His throne.

Encourage people. Encourage believers. Share your good dreams. Share the promises of the Lord. Share the good news. At least intersperse your messages of fear with teaching and good preaching. At the very least!

Pray for people on camera. War against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places on camera.

Children of God, given to Jesus, be of good cheer. Yes, what is written must be fulfilled; but, there is so much to look forward to. And until it is all fulfilled we are commanded to share the good news.

The Spirit of Fear is a stronghold we must battle NOT inflame. The spirits of depression, suicide, hopelessness must be overcome by all God’s children. Are you helping them?

Read what the Lord says about this:

2 Timothy 1:7

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

God is exposing all corruption and will purge America with Trump

Trump is key to growing the end time harvest. I have known this and said it without cease.

The Church is so corrupt having made a covenant with the Baal system that it has been silenced; this is why you do not hear its voice against the corruption, vile abortions and perversions in the Church.

When Trump told the Church in a large gathering he would cancel the 501C3 there was no applause. He said it three times (God’s pattern). Do you doubt God is using him? What God wills cannot be stopped by anyone. God is in control.

The remnant is likely being raised to increase the harvest since the Church has lost His anointing. If you are in a 501C3 church, get out of it. God is not there. Find a small church or group that has not fallen into this trap. This is surely Jesus greatest warning, “do not be deceived.”


By Mary Magdelene


Here are my ten steps to God’s promise to His children. I promise to turn this into a video. Correction, many videos!

You have a dream, right? It may be a happy, healthy family. It may be a successful business. It may be a book. It may be to travel around the world. It may be a benevolent mission. If any of these are within God’s will e.g. not filthy and from the devil, your dream will come through if you turn off the devil’s voice and traps. BUT you must take certain steps.

  1. Turn off the television–permanently. This is where most of the devil’s programming occurs and steals your hope and joy. And you children’s hope and joy. Stop this! That includes the same networks’ programming on the internet. They have wormed in there too.
  2. Turn off the radio for the same reasons
  3. Stop reading secular books on success, life, fiction or non-fiction–using mantras, “secrets”, NLP, etc… All the devil’s methods.
  4. Stop reading secular magazines. Same garbage on TV is in them.
  5. Read the word of God, the Bible, about God’s promises and blessings. He is not a liar. He loves the poor AND the rich in the Lord e.g. Gary Heavin without partiality. It’s how you get to riches that matters–through Him or through Satan. Do not hate God’s blessings. This is not prosperity preaching. All scriptures are important. All of it. You do not have to be starving, homeless and sad to get into heaven! Keep Him first, your dream second. Right now, your dream is probably last because the devil tells you NO!
  6. Drive out the lies of the devil continuously and immediately. Warfare first. Then receive the words of the Lord.
  7. Watch what you say. I often say, “the power of life and death are on the tongue,” because it is written! Do not curse yourself any longer. When you do, it is the remnant of the devil’s programming. Repent. Cast it out. Start again i.e. Rinse and repeat!
  8. Once you receive, Give! Give! Give! Pay it forward. It’s tithing. Feed, clothe and shelter people with your blessings. Clearly, this means you have been blessed. God cannot bless a selfish, greedy person. He knows if you can handle His blessings.
  9. Never deny the Lord. Do not be ashamed of the One that had blessed you. Put Jesus first. Pray and give thanks every day, hour. Keep your day Holy and the Holy Spirit will guide your footsteps.
  10. Praise Him. Give Him all the Glory, Jesus! The devil flees at every utterance. Your dreams realized are a supernatural manifestation. A miracle of light in the darkness for everyone to witness. Be joyful and smile. You are a child of God and no greater gift can you have.

If you continue to wallow in the devil’s lies, you will continue to suffer, to lack. SHUT HIM UP!

SUCCESS LESSONS from the scriptures : turn off the devil’s voice

Dani Johnson is a messianic Jewish woman who was once homeless and overweight. Today, she is famous and wealthy.

Johnson bases all her works on scriptures. She speaks of de-programming. (Yes! get yourself of Satan’s programming) I can attest that her words are sound. Listen to this brief presentation and be inspired. Get off the bad news, fear-mongering. Enjoy the day the Lord has made. Start receiving the Lord’s blessings and rejecting the devil’s lies.

Footnote: Before she speaks, Dani finds quiet space and prays. She always connects her words to scripture–even in large, secular audiences like Oprah! Surely, this woman has the Spirit of Deborah!

And I trust you will hunger for more. Here is an excellent hour with beloved daughter, Dani.

More from Dani. Blessed are those who find real shepherds on earth.

America and all Believers can be released from the spirit of Jezebel – NOW!

Brothers and sisters, not too long into this sermon you will recognize the powerful spirit of Jezebel over your lives. It is stunning. Listen for 55 minutes and you will finally be free. Jesus said so in Revelation 2:20-24. This is the root cause of so much pain and destruction. People shout of Hillary, “Lock her up!” But to the spirit of Jezebel shout, “THROW HER OUT! Be gone!” Take authority over this powerful spirit; you will feel light and the spring will return to your steps. HALLELUJAH!

This is perhaps the most releasing message ever told on this spirit. Thank you Jesus and thank you Brother Morris! Enjoy and have a blessed weekend.

3rd Debate : Lying, mocking spirit of Jezebel in plain sight


In this still, Trump is decrying Isis getting into US through its borders; the spirit breaks into mocking laughter, as Isis is the spirit of the beast.

It is highly unusual and inhuman for a person to listen and respond laughing and grinning at her opponent in the process of her lies being uncovered. This is not arrogance as we know it in a civil society.  It is a lying, mocking spirit. The woman we see is able to lie without flinching because of this spirit. This filthy spirit is also mocking her opponent at every word; yet, all rolls off his back.

We need to understand that this debate was between light and darkness, a spirit of truth vs. a spirit of lies. The lies are profound manipulations of words and body language, hallmarks of the spirit of Jezebel.

She came in a white suit for a reason. The spirit is always a counterfeit of truth. The spirit is subtle.

I cannot attest that the woman was even present–only her vessel. Never in the history of politics have we witnessed such a spirit for the whole world to see. The scales are over many eyes; but, I saw the spirit clearly. Believers with discernment were able to see and hear this powerful, most vile spirit.

One of the most evident lies was the fabrication of Putin aiding Trump. No one is buying it. It is however important to the spirit to kill and destroy by creating this false enemy.

Continue watching this post as I will add to this on this spirit and how it manifests.


Jezebel was a Phoenician Queen married to Israel King Ahab. She caused her husband to fall. Her spirit is working everywhere today. The Lord hated her then; he hates her more today. She predominantly possesses women. She is one of Satan’s most intelligent, powerful and tactical spirits. She hates submitting to men. She is cunning, wicked and manipulative, twisting words to her advantage. She was also whorish in all her actions, always seeking attention. She is used to being catered to, never content, always right, never wrong… You get the idea. This spirit is in many women today and some men. A very destructive spirit. Her character is described throughout 1 Kings and 2 Kings.


12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

REVELATION 2 (Jesus to the church about Jezebel)

20 Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.

21 And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not.

22 Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds.

23 And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.

24 But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak; I will put upon you none other burden.

1 KINGS 18 (Jezebel introduced)

(she wars against God)

13 Was it not told my lord what I did when Jezebel slew the prophets of the Lord, how I hid an hundred men of the Lord‘s prophets by fifty in a cave, and fed them with bread and water?

(she sups with false, prophets of Baal, Bel, Belzeebub, Satan)

19 Now therefore send, and gather to me all Israel unto mount Carmel, and the prophets of Baal four hundred and fifty, and the prophets of the groves four hundred, which eat at Jezebel’s table.

stay-tuned for more

Do you have Real Power from the Holy Spirit?

It is time children to seek the word, a straight walk and the real power of the Holy Spirit in you. This is an excellent, passionate plea from Brother Paul Washer. If you do not have this power, you may not have the Holy Spirit in you. Re-dedicate yourself to the Lord, Jesus Christ, repent of you sins. Stop these sins that you may walk in the full power the Lord intended.

Remember when Jesus said, “greater things than this ye will do”? (in reference to His miracles) If you do not believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, you do not believe. Period. And you will be ineffective as a healer and disciple.

You do not need a man to receive the Holy Spirit. You receive Him when you give your life to Jesus in your heart. Jesus knows all your thoughts and knows whether your heart can be host to the Holy Spirit.

I am weeping with tears of joy


by Mary Magdelene

I have been praying to the Lord for years to use me mightily. I wanted to serve His sheep short of going on the street and finding the lost–which I will do when He commands it.

The Lord has grown this blog and the views are unrelenting and climbing steadily. I trust my work is God blessed and feeding His sheep. This gives me joy. BUT nothing gives me more joy than a believer reaching out for prayer. I received a heartwrnching request late last night and put my hand on the screen and prayed with all my heart.

I love to pray for those who write to me–all of their needs. I also break curses and bind spirits in their lives. I want to stay in touch with them and be completely available to them. This has been steady; but, not an avalanche.

I begin to enter all of them by name and needs and prayers in my book that I may continue to intercede for them.


Mere moments before receiving a request for prayer at 3:21 from a mother for her children I had removed items from my home that were likely cursed and displeased the Lord. For example my Grandfather’s shaving jar–a soul tie to a dead person; but, worse. I discovered from my family that he was a Freemason. I loved my grandfather. In his last days, I would sit at his feet and massage his calves and feet as his angina gave him such pain. It was such a comfort to him. This hour, I made Jesus first, broke the curse and put it outside for the trash. Many any other items went too.

The Lord rewarded me immediately with a request for prayer. He knows how much I love to serve Him. Thank you Jesus.

Remove demonic idols from your home and find peace

Long ago, I threw out any music, books, items in my home that had any new age or dark association. This woman is on the spot about cleansing your home and removing demons’ legal rights to torment you and steal your peace.

God hates idolatry.

If you do half measures, justifying your idols and habits, do not blame God for demonic presence in your life.

And kick-up your house cleaning further. Listen to this dear Brother. He speaks the truth. I still learned a little and tossed a few items.

NOTE: I will take a photo of the many items in my house that were idols, soul ties and had occult meaning–woot!–and post here for your edification. It’s time to clean out our temples, including our private sanctuaries were so the Holy Spirit can leap within us unabated! O! How I love to please the Lord and show Him He is first!

Increase of babes witnessing of Jesus’ coming

There are plenty of ‘believers’ who scoff and mock pre-trib or mid-trib rapture believers. These believe that Jesus’ Bride will go through the wrath. God brilliantly chooses children to deliver a pure testimony. It is written.

I love this Brother Bob Barber. I trust his heart and his walk. This is such an encouraging message.

I also follow this precious little lamb.

And if you have not heard this little child yet, enjoy.


At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.


And said unto him, Hearest thou what these say? And Jesus saith unto them, Yea; have ye never read, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise?

LUKE 10:21

In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes: even so, Father; for so it seemed good in thy sight.


Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.

Do not make an idol of Donald Trump BUT be shaken!


I understand that you want truth, righteousness and justice restored in America; so do I. My spirit witnesses that Trump is being used by the Lord; but, not in the way you believe. Trump’s fearless words are being used to shake the world for the final harvest, uncovering the hidden dark works of the devil and those who serve this fallen creature. This is His true purpose.

Trump is not alone in speaking out. All of God’s chosen are speaking. Many other selected secular voices are speaking; there are many Nebuchadnezzars and Cyrus’. Not just Trump.

I do hope Trump can get around the crimes and lies of the dark cabal that is behind his opponents and rule US for a short time–as time is short. But this is my flesh’s desire.


The Lord ordained, nothing, not a tittle in the word will change. Prophecy is being fulfilled. The fig tree parable was triggered in May 1948 and the last year is 2018. The signs are all around us. War. Rumours of wars. Earthquakes. Pestilences. Signs in the sky. Strange human behavior. Confederacies of nations and churches. If you read Revelation, Matthew 24, Joel 2…so many verses, you will see many signs have already passed. Only the Bible foresees these signs.

Do not put your hopes in Donald Trump. Pray for him and his family. BUT Keep your eyes and heart on the main thing. I experience enormous traffic because of Trump. But truly the Lord is using him. Today the Lord has brought you here–there are no coincidences.

As the lost and Laodiceans learn of the multitudes of deceptions to which they were unwittingly party, this will prompt many to seek absolute truth. It was elusive, until now. The truth is in the Bible–historically and metaphysically. Jesus is the truth. The only truth. The only way to escape what is coming upon the world this 2016 and 2017.


Ignore His word. Scoff at and mock the Lord. Go ahead. While you do it, know that He loves you, immutably, and without limit–even as you scoff. If you have never truly felt loved, know that He knows your name, every moment in your life, the number of hairs on your head and all your thoughts. Despite all your sins and brokenness Jesus loves you. If you are reading this, He purposed it. He is calling you. Ask Him to come in. Tell Him how you feel–skeptic or not. He is listening. DO NOT DOUBT THIS. He is listening. When you call His name, He is there. Especially with His lost sheep. There is such power in His name that it will astound you to call Him when in peril. Do everything “in Jesus name”, and the devil will flee from you. Trust this.

If not, scoff. He will remind you of this post by me and how you rejected it…when you face Him at His throne and tells you why you are judged. I am nobody; just one little lamb. But His spirit is in me and works through me. All glory is to Jesus.


If you want a Bible and need one write me above. If you need prayer write me above. If you want to give your heart to Jesus go to the Born Again tab with humility and a contrite spirit. Trust the Lord and go to the next paragraph.


I am praying over this post, as many believers pray over a cloth for your healing and send them. Paul also did this. Let this screen effect miraculous healing as you touch it. Let my faith and prayer on these words heal you, comfort you and reveal Jesus to you as never before. All in this world was created by Him including these words, your screen, its binary language, the wires it travels on, right up to your screen and through them He can do anything. Time is short and this method is necessary.

Thank you Jesus. All Glory is yours. I, Mary Magdalene, am your humble servant.


As His Israelite virgins will say shortly, “Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord.”

STUNNING : Quantum tunneling through DNA–technosorcery we are in

Brother RichieFromBoston Hosts Guests, Anthony Patch and Kris (EndTimesMatrix), both Believers.  You must visit Kris’ site to get up to speed. Just click her site in brackets above.

Patch has already shocked us all with outstanding revelations about CERN and the world’s largest quantum computer, DWave. Now, Kris multiplies our knowledge about our rulers’ beliefs and behavior. All is tied to ancient occult beliefs and numbers. She lays them all out. The devil’s plans are getting outed each day.

The Lord said, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” This may be intended to wake the Brethren to avoid the mark and its slight-of-hand.

This interview is up to this point unexcelled and I trust, God sanctioned.

How the media tell you they are demonic and you miss it each day


In the occult there is hidden meaning. Occult means hidden.  These hidden meanings are in much of our quotidian linguistics. One of our most overt, occult words in our daily language, the root of our deceptions and delusions, is the word, media. It it the plural of medium i.e. many mediums. From its early uses in biblical times, the word and meaning of medium is one that conjures spirits who as we all know, are liars and deceivers, familiar spirits.

Understand that media announces itself overtly. The lie is so big you cannot believe it. The heads of the media empires are occultists without exception e.g. Ted Turner, Disney, Murdoch et al.

Listening to media is on par with pulling up a chair to listen to a psychic reveal your future with tea leaves and cards. It is demonic through and through. You will never get truth through media. NEVER. Stop trying to cause the demonic to speak the truth; they cannot. Lies are endemic to their nature. THEY CANNOT SPEAK THE TRUTH.

On the internet, some have broken through. The internet is also called, alternative media. Do not define yourself under this demonic rubric. The power of life and death are on the tongue, words. You Christians telling the truth are not media personalities and do not produce media. Repent of this as I am.

The truth is in God’s word and the few shows on the internet that are still live for a short time. They are not media. They are truth, knowledge and wisdom.


GOD’S HAND : Anoints men to uncover the hidden things

I do not doubt that the Lord has anointed men to uncover wickedness during the end of days. It is written. This includes Donald Trump, Julian Assange, and Congressman, Trey Gowdy, among many others (Ed Snowden, Lord Monckton, Nigel Farage, Anthony Patch also come to mind.) Thank the Lord for them, for their courage and pray for their continued, clearly supernatural protection. Pray also for their salvation, divine intervention that each may know Jesus as their Savior and accept His plan for eternal life (I do not know of their respective faiths other than A. Patch).

Listen to Trey Gowdy in the last few days who is working arduously to uncover the deceptions of Hillary Clinton. He quotes Chronicles on repentance. Do not doubt that God is in control.

These men are God’s promised pulling back of the veil which conceals the truth and wickedness. This promise is being fulfilled until the two witnesses come on the scene.


Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.


Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.



This interview with Joe Biden is telling: https://off-guardian.org/2016/10/15/president-obama-threatens-president-putin-with-nuclear-war/

A search will produce many stories from the last 24 hours.

Washington is run by a bunch of decrepit, hateful, flacid men and women believing themselves omnipotent. And they will take innocent Americans to a horrible death while attempting to satisfy greedy overlords.

If I sound angry it’s because I am.

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-6-55-25-pmI am imagine a toddler having breakfast in his high chair, his mother nearby pouring fresh coffee for his father before the morning rush. Suddenly the sky lights up. Silence. A mushroom cloud appears. A moment passes. A powerful fiery wind suddenly bends all trees to the ground, the windows are blown out and every brick of the house flung a mile down the road along with this family, their neighbors, and neighboring towns. Dead. Millions of Americans dead.


Because Obama and his minions, their banker-bosses, et al, don’t like their share of the Syria pie–one that never belonged to them. First it was Iraq. Then Lybia. Now Syria. The world hates America even though most Americans don’t know what these monsters are plotting and stealing–every day without cease.

There are millions upon millions of innocent American lives at stake in a game they are not party to.

I have righteous anger. I am very angry. I will be praying like King David for the destruction of these evil men tonight. Everyone serving the devil.

America may have a chance to repent and experience redemption and perhaps, a revival. If they repent like Nineveh. The sign of Jonah is the sign of the end. Jesus said so. WTC was the warning.



  1. chatter about going to Defcon 2
  2. no fly zone where missiles are over Montana
  3. Biden flapping his gums about “proportionate response” yada yada
  4. No warnings or protection for Americans and Canadians. None.
  5. 40 million Russians went underground
  6. Military everywhere in civilian areas

The bankers love war. It’s good business. Arms deals. Debt. Reconstruction contracts for their buddies. Aren’t you tired? AREN’T YOU TIRED YOU WICKED MEN?

Satan, I won’t ask you if you are tired. I know you are loving this. Because you are already judged.

But you fools in Washington and your occult leaders better read Isaiah 14. You will all be together soon–real soon–and the world will be rid of all of you. Won’t be long now. There is no mercy coming. You will reap what you sowed for eternity.

I am angry. I don’t have a gun nor do I want one. But I do have supernatural power to bind and loose, to move mountains at the asking and to make serious spiritual warfare. I am not alone.

The world is tired of you Babylon and your mindless goats.

And Mr. Trump, we want America to be great; but, not as she has been. It is time to repent. To change our ways. Stop our murders, lies and theft. You can’t put lipstick on this pig.

I am a Jesus loving, Jesus servant who is angry, especially when I look at the picture of the little boy that could be dead in 20 minutes any moment now.

New Bible Codes Match Space Events in progress

These brothers have been searching revelation 12 and made multiple discoveries of hidden codes within. These are first time releases. What is surprising is the centric placement of Jupiter. Comforting to all is the salvation of Yeshua.

It does confirm how short time is.

Here is an image of Rev. 12 and their codes CLICK TO ENLARGE, followed by their interview. Worth watching.


HIGHEST GLOBAL ALERT : Jesus told you. His Saints told you. The heavens have opened.

The magnetosphere is still down today. The heavens have opened. President Obama has signed an Executive Order to deal with “space weather” in the past few days.

You may feel fatigued. Uncomfortable. Stock up…on the WORD OF GOD. Focus on the real manna.

Military are everywhere even in rural towns–visible, on streets and rooftops. When I drove by they commandeered by mobile phone. It has been building toward this.

Hallelujah! Jesus is close. Come Jesus! With power and great glory! Look up for your redemption draws nigh!


Lucifer laid bare. Is there redemption for the wicked?


by Mary Magdalene


For the Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob.

And it shall come to pass in the day that the Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve,…


That thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of Babylon, and say, How hath the oppressor ceased! the golden city ceased! The Lord hath broken the staff of the wicked, and the sceptre of the rulers. He who smote the people in wrath with a continual stroke, he that ruled the nations in anger, is persecuted, and none hindereth.


The whole earth is at rest, and is quiet: they break forth into singing. Yea, the fir trees rejoice at thee, and the cedars of Lebanon, saying, Since thou art laid down, no feller is come up against us.


Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations. All they shall speak and say unto thee, Art thou also become weak as we? art thou become like unto us? Thy pomp is brought down to the grave, and the noise of thy viols: the worm is spread under thee, and the worms cover thee.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?

Theses excerpts are from the great prophet Isaiah, Chapter 14. Lucifer knows his time is short. The multitudes of his horror over the earth tells the remnant how close his demise.


Those of you who have fallen in his grip by his riches, lies, corruption, bribes, murder, fornication, hate, idolatry and blasphemy may still have a chance at redemption. Do not doubt the Bible verse above is true. Do you want to spend eternity in hell with this devil, your flesh burning along with his? For what…gold bars, palaces that will be dust, adulation from the corrupt and foolish? When you turn to Jesus, do not do it from cowardice. Ask him in humility, repentance with all your heart. He can see right through you–knows all your thoughts. You cannot fool Jesus. If Jesus forgave Paul and Nineveh (the first time), he can forgive you. Never blaspheme the Holy Spirit nor take the mark of the beast in your hand or forehead. NEVER! As your fate is set and your fate is as Lucifer’s.

The Rephaim asked Prophet Elijah to seek God for forgiveness and He denied Elijah’s intercession. The Rephaim were evil offspring of the fallen angels (Nephilim). There is no redemption for the spirits that inhabit these corrupt vessels, demons, nor any fallen angel and especially Lucifer. All are scheduled for Sheol, hell.

BUT if you are a creation of God, a human, untampered with, with a soul which he created and owns (Ezekiel 18:4) and have not done the two unpardonable above YES ! you can be saved and received eternal life, peace, joy forever.


Then give your life, your allegiance to your Father, your Creator, your Lord, your King. Come home people. Stop believing a lie.

Believe Jesus loves you more than you can imagine. He is calling you. I know Him. He knew me before I was formed in my mother’s womb. You also. Will you foolishly reject Him as he brings Satan’s dominion to an end? Your heart will fail for fear without Jesus.

I will be with Him, riding beside Him in the final sweeping with His brush. The earth will be swept clean, habitable and filled with joy. Hallelujah!

The world is gambling with time

By Mary Magdalene

Screen shot 2016-10-14 at 11.09.15 PM.png

Many are delaying accepting Jesus as their Savior thinking there is time. Every day that passes now is by His mercy.

Jesus is knocking on your door if you read this. There are no accidents.

Click the born again tab above to receive Jesus in your heart. He will come in and be with you. Repent of your sins. Experience a changed heart, a changed life.

Send me a note in confidence above for prayer–healing, strength, courage, wisdom, peace, provision. I will pray for you.

Get your hands on a Bible before it is too late. It will be marrow to your bones in all situations.

I could make this post very long but brevity may be more useful. Take heed to what I wrote above. Nothing is more important in the days ahead.

ATTENTION : The magnetosphere collapsed today

The earth’s protective layer collapsed as a result of a wave of energy coming from the opposite side of earth’s facing of the sun. As a result, the atmosphere was ionized with positive ions; this is why people may have felt fatigued today. Indeed, I did feel fatigued even though I had a good sleep. I was discussing this over an hour ago with a women in a store.

Negative ions are good for our electromagnetic bodies; but, they were overtaken today. Mike from around the world spoke of this today. I know it is the truth as I have formerly researched ions in the past.Listen to his explanation in the second video; he portends more space weather and further effects.

The second wave is coming in 73 days which effects will last 100 days. A third wave is coming…

A very interesting discussion is the admission by the NSA that their quantum computers cannot read the mind of true Christians as they have Holy Spirit. They have an unction that keeps them unreadable by the system. I would listen to Mike and Paul to the end. It is very enlightening and encouraging.

Here are two videos which reveal the event and what to expect.

FOR THE LUKEWARMS AND UNBELIEVERS : Your time is short, very short

By Mary Magdalene

I bring this to your attention, again. The video you are about to watch proves the occult (means hidden) world government leaders participate and believe in. The leaders of France and Germany, Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel respectively, were present and participated in this dark ritual. Many more were present. This was filmed for the whole world to see.

You may not think hell, Satan and demons are real; but, world leaders do. They worship the fallen archangel and serve him daily. He perverts all that is clean and good, more today than perhaps ever in his existence on earth. He knows his time is short before His creator, God Almighty, throws him into the pit for 1,000 years; so, he is accelerating his debauchery and destruction.

When I say time is short, I am writing in terms of months and at most, up to a couple of years; but, it could also be days. There are only 70 years from the re-establishment of Israel in the Bible before all that is evil on earth is destroyed and it is governed by our King Jesus. That date was in May 1948. If you do the math the end is sometime between right now and May 2018. Only Father in heaven knows the precise time.

Earth will not disappear for another thousand years. But all sin, sinners and evil will disappear. Will you be here on the regenerated earth under Jesus?

Not one of you is exempt to Satan’s influence and compromise of your soul. Not one. He was given dominion here. BUT he has no power over those who accept Jesus as their Savior. They are sealed, marked and not within his reach. This is the truth whether you believe it or not. Even the demons know this and tremble at our proximity–because we have the power to send them into the pit on command. WE HAVE THIS POWER. It is written. I have sent many demons into the pit. I have seen them with my eyes and watch them vanish upon command. Now…

What you are about to witness is the most overt, in-your-face, ritual by Satanists / Luciferians. They worship the ex-communicated fallen one, Satan, formerly known as Lucifer. World leaders attended and participated. If you are still in denial, you have scales on your eyes. Return to your programming, your ghoolish television and sport distractions. “Bread and circus,” as Nero called it.

Aren’t you tired? What will it take for you to open your eyes and use the brain–the soul–God gave you? WHAT WILL IT TAKE? You will hit your knees as you finally recognize the semblance of freedom has long ago disappeared, your are already enslaved, your poisoned food is rationed, you can no longer work for income, and soon, you are likely walking to a labor camp or the guillotine. It is written. This is no drama. Satan wants you dead and world leaders serve the same.

There is a way out. The Truth. The Holy One. The Creator of all Universe. Good. Loving. Longsuffering. Pure. Almighty. Omnipresent. Omnipotent. Omniscient. Do not doubt that He loves you. And if you are reading this–it was appointed by Him.

Satan hates you. Do not be tempted by his promise of prosperity and shiny new toys. They are dust.

JESUS KNOWS ALL YOUR THOUGHTS. Satan does not. He does not have such powers.

JESUS EYES ARE EVERYWHERE. Satan is limited to his eyes and uses his demons and minions to report to him. He is not omniscient.

JESUS CAN DESTROY ALL WITH HIS BREATH. Satan has no such power–he can use sinful humans to develop technology and confusion to impress and destroy you. But that’s all. The Lord has and can put a stop to any and all of his evil works. The Lord allows some to be carried out TO WAKE YOU UP AND GET  YOU TO REPENT and receive eternal life, and supernatural protection.

NOW WATCH THIS RITUAL THAT JUST OCCURED celebrating Satan with world leaders present. It is nothing more than Satan’s vain, self-adulating puffery. Again he knows his time is short. So he will do anything to corrupt your mind, to destroy your inheritance of the new earth coming under the governance of King Jesus and then, eternal life in the Kingdom of heaven forever.

Study and reflect on your inaction. On your ambivalence. Have scales been placed on your eyes? If you think this is a cultural, artistic event–you have scales on your eyes. And you are probably doomed. If you are unsure, ask Jesus to come into your heart. This is Him knocking at your door. Let Him in and see what happens. When you say ‘yes’, you will experience peace and joy that has eluded you until now. You will have a supernatural experience and become a new man, new woman.

Write to me about your experience. Request prayer. I will be on it the moment you send it. Trolls are easy to identify–so be open and honest. No one but the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and I will see it.

CHOICES THIS HOUR : Nuclear war or frosting recipe


I just took this screen shot of the last three videos broadcast from channels I subscribe to.

I love Chef Mama Rosa because she is a brilliant health and nutrition videographer and a Sister -in-Christ. You may look at my screen shot above and chuckle.

This is the time we are in. So prophetic. As in the days of Noah…marrying…tra la la la la.

I consider a recipe while I hear Russia has its fingers twitching at the nuclear button. (40 million Russians are now underground.)

The question is do we continue on with frosting? Or do we stop, leave it on the counter and climb to the rooftop in our bathrobes?

The frosting recipe juxtaposed with a nuclear threat of annihilation is truly how we experience daily life is at present. We are on the proverbial see-saw, normalcy sitting one end and destruction on the other.

Our only constant, our rudder, is the peace of the Lord. Our Guide, the Holy Spirit within us. The manna that is the word–ergo the body of Christ.

Thank you Lord for giving us a sound mind to overcome the days ahead.

Son of Rabbi accepts Yeshua as Messiah against much oppresion

I listened to this precious son of God, Zev Porat, interviewed in Romania. He searched extensively, inquiring about passages about Jesus in the Talmud with many Rabbis; all responded with different answers. There was no obfuscation possible–Jesus is in many passages of the Old Testament.

One day, Jesus spoke to him audibly, confirming his findings. Zev was changed forever.

Zev endured persecution and rejection from his own family and Israel. His testimony is one of the more authentic I have ever heard. I trust the Lord has set him aside for the final tribulation ministry.

EU seat No. 666 unallocated, “waiting for a special leader”

If you are looking for blatant clarity on those who govern, who they serve, there can be no doubt with this information. This knowledge given to anointed Brother Neville Johnson had me gobsmacked. And disgusted. Seats 665 and 667 at the EU meeting headquarters in Brussels are allocated; but, the seat between them is reserved.

It’s not enough that the building is designed after Flemish painter Brueghel’s canvas of the Tower of Babel; but, the entrance has a statue of the woman riding the beast, straight out of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

If you do not see these as signs that the Bible is true and that darkness is upon us, you are so deeply programmed by evil men’s schemes that you may lose your life. It angers me when people scoff at such blatant hubris from evil men as though it were some form of creative expression. Ask yourself if you are deaf and blind; the Bible says you are. I pray you get your sight and hearing before it is too late.

Listen at around 54 minutes if you do not have time to hear this entire excellent sermon.

The many Trump Prophecies rolled into one excellent video

Trey has outdone himself. I know how hard he worked to produce this thorough video everyone will be able to follow. Well done Trey!


Russia prepares for nuclear attack. Moscow goes underground… Hair trigger situation


Come Lord Jesus. We hate the absolute hate that Washington D.C. has become. We know little about Russia since the media lies so much. Thank God for Brother Steve Ben DeNoon!


screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-12-37-12-amBy Mary Magdelene

I write this ex-temporally and urgently today.

To Atheists, Agnostics, Scientologists, Mormons, Jevovah’s witnesses, Catholics, Buddhists, New Age small gods, Hindus, Occultists, mixture Christians (Laedocians), Islamists, Pharisees, all unbelievers in the one true God who has come in the flesh, I say:

There is a system of justice in heaven. Jesus is the Supreme Judge. It runs on heavenly not earthly laws. There are crimes called sins. Some crimes like blaspheming against the Holy Spirit are unpardonable; yet, all other sins are pardonable if true, deep-in-the-heart repentance is felt BEFORE you face the Judge, not when you are in front of Him. This is judgment day–not repentance day.


If you do not believe in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha Maschiah, you do not believe in the Father, the great IAM. And the Holy Spirit is not in you. Period. This is the fundamental law of your spiritual existence. You are spirit, not just flesh, and have life eternal.

When you are standing before the Great Judge, it is judgment day. There is no erasing of your works possible at that time. You are accountable.

That moment is approaching quickly.

When your earthly vessel’s time expires, your spirit has only two places it can travel to. First, you will stand before the throne for judgment. If you do not believe in Jesus as Lord over all, the Holy Spirit is not in you; you will not obtain entry into the Kingdom of Heaven. Instead, you will be received in the pit, hell, a very hot burning place, putrid by scent, loud by screams of sinners in pain–for eternity–joining billions of demons, Satan and those who denied and killed Jesus. Those who made money on the backs of the poor, those who are vain, proud, perverted, those who lie, kill and destroy, surprisingly, still deny Him and His offer of forgiveness.

God is just. He will tell you why He rejects you at the throne. You will plead. And you will plead and cry and remind him of your filthy works to no avail. He is just.


Tribulation has begun. The Great Tribulation–the worst time in human history is about to begin. This is the time when Satan will be clearly overt. He is already overt e.g. Arch of Baal in NYC and London, Bronze statue of Baphomet erected in cities including Detroit, Satan classes mandated in Elementary schools in Florida and Seattle, world leaders attend Satanic ritual at the Gotthard Tunnel… The worst is yet to come.

Occult symbolism, the subtlety of Satan, is transforming himself out of vanity, making himself god in the Antichrist over America and other nations. When you are able to match every prophecy in the Bible about Satan to his tangible action, you will mourn and know the Bible, the Word of God, is true. By then you may not be able to find a Bible. Christians (Saints) may have been martyred or raptured; they will no longer be in your midst. You will not find Him, His Saints, the Holy Spirit or His word. It gets worse from here.

YOU WILL NOT FIND HIM IF YOU ARE FOOLED INTO TAKING THE MARK OF SATAN IN  YOUR HAND OR FOREHEAD. After taking the mark, you will have no redemption or rest for eternity. This too is unpardonable. Satan will make it seem pedestrian as a convenience to buy and sell. It is a lie. Your pain and damnation are now permanent. His minions will give you smooth words and out of cowardice you will believe. The mark will actually change your DNA from the 2-strand to an ungodly creature. It is written, that boils will break out on your body.

You unbelievers who think myself and millions who are chosen as I are crazy, this is the influence of Satan and the demon(s) assigned to you speaking into your mind. They want you to lose your eternal life in heaven. They are jealous of your ability to obtain salvation. They hate you. They wish to kill you. Even if you serve them. Once you take the mark you will suffer terribly as Satan now owns you permanently. Redemption is lost forever. Your soul altered and lost. For what? For food? For drugs? For shelter? For a bowl of soup?

Do you know Jesus will provide for you if you don’t take the mark? He will also take you, either in your body or out of body, to safety in His Kingdom. When you arrive home, because the Kingdom of Heaven was always your home, you will know joy and peace as never before in your worldly life. You will be reunited with the Father, Jesus, angels and the Saints forever. You will see, know and experience things as you never have before.

If you reject these truths, I promise you, the day is coming shortly when you will remember these words and wish you could recant. Jesus may remind you of this moment–this evidence. You will mourn. And you will be in agony for eternity. You may feel it is not just. BUT IT IS JUST.

You rejected the One true God. You mocked Him. You mocked His Saints. Yet He was willing to forgive you. He even died a painful death for your forgiveness. All your life He called you and you did not answer. YOUR JUDGMENT IS JUST.

Let Your hammer of judgment come down Lord. Cast these into outer darkness that your Kingdom come. Write Your judgments in the book of life. Even so come Jesus. Your Bride waits eagerly. Let not her gown be soiled. Keep her garment clean dear Jesus as you come to collect her unto Yourself.

NOTICE: PRINT THIS POST AS THE UN-HOLY HAS NOW TAKEN OVER THE INTERNET. You may not access Truth after reading this.