I aimed to produce this video but dear Sister Kimberly beat me to it. Praise God. Hallelujah! Christians must I remind all: HE THAT IS IN YOU IS GREATER THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD. We are at war with an enemy that is subtle and soulless. You have an armor. You have the weapons. We have the sword of the Spirit. Swing away.

Open your mouths and clear the air on this hallow’s eve, most evil twilight. I have shut my curtains blocked my entry. I have peered outside and see parents with small children, going to door-to-door with cursing and getting cursed.

Kimberly has compiled numerous verses for spiritual warfare. Learn to war against the devil here. Wonderful. Thank you Lord for this faithful servant!

The conspiracy against women challenged by Jesus

‘Myriam of Magdala’ was indeed given a false identity. Every woman must listen to this and be encouraged. You will learn enduring false interpretations of the word and an attempt to marginalize women.

Remember, Peter and John ran to the tomb after Jesus resurrected; but, He did not reveal Himself to them. So they departed back to the upper room. Jesus chose Mary Magdalene as the first witness of His resurrection. It was clearly very deliberate.

Mary Magdelene : My first ‘sermonette’

I just went live with this video. It is a dress rehearsal for upcoming sermonettes. I will make them shorter and very specific from here on. Just dipping my feet in the Lord’s river of life in this one! I promise to take you where the Lord takes me–unless that’s up and away!
P.S. It takes so long to record, edit, extract and upload just ten minutes of video. Writing is my first choice.

Mystery man discloses earth cataclysms begin day after Christmas

By Mary Magdelene

I have resisted this Mike from around the world mystery man and also Pastor Paul Begley; but, I may be wrong to persist. I don’t like the fear this video (or any of Begley unrelenting fear messages) may create in people; but again, this information coming through is not alone. It is erupting and not from the same source.

If you start listening around 1:00:00 you will hear Mike reiterate was he is told shall begin December 26, this year. He calls it, the second wave of energy. It may be important to listen to this and take notes that you may remember and share when and if you make a decision that his testimony is true.

The ruling class have been setting themselves up underground for decades. I have considered that the many scientists and doctors said to have died are in fact recruited and living underground.

Russia has prepared. US has prepared. Sweden has prepared. I know this for a fact. I believe any war is a distraction, often a rumour. I believe all nations of the world are collaborating frantically for more than we realize.

According to the Bible none of the ruling elite will survive what is coming. Not one. Only the Lord’s chosen, born again Believers, will stand when the heavens exact their judgment detailed in Revelation of Jesus Christ. One hundred pound fireballs will pummel the whole planet. Plasma conduits will evaporate all in contact with them. The earth will crack like an egg. These events are in Revelation; but, now being discussed widely. So much more is expected.

Is it one big hoax? Or is it upon us?

We who wait for our Lord eagerly look forward to being on the surface and His judgment as we know it is a new beginning. He is near. I cannot vouch for the unsaved; but, I can try with all my heart to warn them, bring them to salvation. It is commanded of us all.

The Lord’s sheep will likely be raptured in His perfect timing, in the twinkling of an eye.

Please do write to me if you need prayer or wish to be born again i.e. give your life to Jesus. See the tabs above. I am not asking, nor want, any money.


DNA resonance changed by the Holy Spirit – impenetrable!

Anthony Patch reveals this astonishing fact about Believers, just after the 1:00:00 point in this interview. Coming from such a learned, temperate man, this information leaves my jaw dropping. Be encouraged Brothers and Sisters.

“What is holding back the mark of the beast is the Restrainer (the Holy Spirit),” says Anthony Patch. “Once the Restrainer is removed from the earth (the rapture) they can throw the switch…”

“It’s been definitively presented that government agents using detectors scan the DNA of everyone in [a] church…and they cannot break through the resonance of the DNA of people who have the Holy Spirit within them.” This is the agents’ admission.

We have supernatural protection.

Breaking : Important development for Trump side

As a Watchman I report this critical development. God continues to make the wicked naked.

Brother Steve Ben DeNoon reports on Clinton Foundation CEO, Eric Braverman, taking refuge at Russian Embassy in New York, last Sunday. This action in itself sends a clear message to the world how fierce the Clintons truly are. Pray that he speaks before the elections. First Snowden, then Assange, now Braverman. Clintons are in whack-a-mole mode. The dam has too many holes. I am confident this is one more domino in more to come. The regime of enslavement is crumbling. Thank you Jesus for waking up the world and giving us a chance for revival.

Two days later, Putin delivers this press conference. What does he now know?