Revealed today. Witches are gathering to place curses on President Trump tonight. God has uncovered this.

“Thank you Jesus for the authority and the power you have given me.

I break any and all assignments, spells, voodoo and curses conjured tonight, or any night forward, by witches, warlocks, diviners of all kinds, against President Trump, his family and his chosen cabinet. I return those curses and assignments to them immediately. May they receive the full force of their works and know that the Lord reigns, not Satan or his minions. And father, I ask that you turn their curses into blessings for President Trump, his family and his cabinet. Amen.”

I trust Dahboo is on solid ground with this revelation. Thank you Jesus for call your warriors.


Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for giving me power over all the power of the enemy. I exercise that power now.

In the name of Jesus I bind and break the power of every spirit working from the kingdom of darkness against President Trump, his family and his cabinet.

In the name of Jesus I break the power of every word spoken curse against all of them.

I send out warring angels to scramble the plans and the assignments that the enemy has for for them this day and any days ahead. I bind and break the power of the spirit of death and destruction.

I sever the silver cord of every spirit that is astral projecting to watch them, gather information, eavesdrop, trip them up, block or hinder the works of God.

Father, I ask that you would expose any unholy activity before it has time to take root and bring it to destruction. Give them keen discernment and wisdom that they might be as wise as a serpents and harmless as a doves.

In the name of Jesus I bind every spirit not of the Holy Spirit.
Satan, the Lord rebukes you and renders you powerless over their lives this day.

I assign mighty angels to stand around every person in leadership, the shepherds, the sheep, to guard and protect that no evil penetrates.

And I thank you now for turning every curse that would come against us into a blessing for our good and your glory.

Cover us O! Father with the precious blood of Jesus. Amen.

We are the Lord’s army, more powerful than any weapon on earth


The world seems to have gone mad. It was engineered by Satan and carried out by his army. However…

We must not even blink. It requires our strength–not ours–that which God Almighty has given His remnant, His bride, His sheep, His Lambs, His 5 virgins, His Saints still on earth.

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.

It’s up to us. If Generals and Attorneys do not have their footsteps ordered by the Lord, it is still up to us. Our intercession can guide their footsteps.

We are at war with the powers of darkness. All patriots, all populists, all righteous people the world over are without power to go to the front without the Lord’s authority in them.

Do you not understand this is a time of winnowing? The more you get angry, scared, weakened, and work from the flesh, the more you erode your victory and the brethren’s victory.

We have to use our authority. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are in us. All the powers of heaven are at our disposal.

Victory is personal, not global. Again, it is a time of winnowing. WINNOW CHILDREN!

We are one with the Lord. John 1:17. Look it up!

Then start battling. Expect victory. You are the Generals commanding the Lord’s army.

Are you Elijah fleeing from Jezebel, unable to see warring angels all around you? Trust, they are present.

I stop now and go into my chamber with my full armor.

HE WHO IS IN YOU IS GREATER THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD. God is not a man that He should lie about who you are in Christ.

Be emboldened. Believe Jesus. Go to the fronts!

The power of life and death are on the tongue. Speak life!

p.s. if you are in sin, confess, repent, then GO!

TODAY : CIA White Hat, Robert Steele, shakes up rhetoric in D.C.

“30 top government officials being investigated for pedophilia”

“Judas Priebus covering up for pedophiles”

“30 million illegal voters in this last election — period!”

“Donald Trump will not make it past 2018”

“I believe in Donald Trump but he is not getting the advice he needs”


BREAKING : Clinton laundered millions in Russia while Secretary of State

The Clinton cabal including Tony Podesta were paid millions by Russia while she was the third in line to rule as Secretary of State.

Clinton mocked openly in a Tweet last week related to accusations of pedophilia, “what goes around comets around.” It is was too, an overt threat.

God showed His hand again today. The skirts pulled back over Clinton’s head, again. AG Sessions must be drafting indictments as I write this.

All glory be to God!

Investigator and Author, Jerome Corsi, breaks this evidence on Infowars in an exclusive story this morning.

We can now put to rest that Russia is chumming up to President Trump, hacking the elections. How ridiculous this now seems.

Click here for the story and documentary evidence.



By Mary Magdalene

The last thing this writer wishes to do is feed the ridiculous narrative that President Putin is running the USA in the shadows. Equally ridiculous, would be to claim that President Trump is doing same in Russia.

Russia as an enemy is getting old. Several years ago before his death, powerful Nazi scientist, Werner von Braun, stated Russia as an enemy was a myth. All we have to do is contemplate the overthrow of the Czar by the Bolsheviks, a holocaust that far exceeds the Jewish holocaust in numbers. Add grist to the mill and witness the economic destruction of Russia in recent times. Now the true players in the shadows are attempting same in United States.

These two strong leaders are distancing themselves from each other and this is wise. Their words in all their public speeches are populist–ostensibly, “for the people.”

The people of all nations are at war with an occult, hidden group of men and women who plunder with impunity under the guise of global treaties.

President Trump and President Putin are the Kings of the Medes, surely both anointed by the Lord. Is this a global pincer move prophesied by the Lord in the Prophet Jeremiah?


The Lord has brought His word to me again and again. Obediently, I send you His message. I must pray for you and forgive you. This is very difficult for me. I struggle against hatingĀ  you. All I have to do is see you, after receiving God’s judgment, suffering in the abyss, being tortured for eternity, your flesh melting and hearing your cries for forgiveness. This helps me to pity you.

I have the greatest challenge at the knowledge of your perversity and torture of children; I know you are almost all implicated. It is even harder to forgive you; yet, I pray to God for help here.

Know that the true, Christian remnantĀ  who pray for you are the only hope you have on earth before your fate is sealed. This will happen suddenly and is coming quickly. We pray for your chastening, repentance and re-birth in the knowledge of the one true King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ, Yeshuah Ha Maschiah.

Laugh. Scoff. But if you have read this, it is not by accident. Your choice is now before you. So if death finds you at a time you do not expect, there is no second chance. Your redemption must occur while you live on earth in this vessel or your eternity is set.


I am Jerusalem. I am your cup of trembling. I am one with the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit (John 1:17).

America fleeced by private banking cartel

I bring forward an interrogation by Rep. Grayson of the Inspector General of private, unauditable, foreign-controlled, Federal Reserve. Her responses are revolting. The enemy has such hubris.

9 trillion disappeared without any outcry. We need Rep. Trey Gowdy and Chairman Jason Chaffetz to open up this can of locusts. Babylon must be stripped of her theft. They are the men for the job.

Disband this intruder that destroys the nations. Central banking, fractional reserve, fiat (fake) banking must be brought to a slow but sure death. The treasury must be resurrected.

Its bankers need to be arrested, including Wall Street plunderers, tried for treason, theft, lies, racketeering…name your crime. We all know them by name.

Some people are in jail for stealing food for their families and these ignoble devils run free, plundering without cease.

May the Lord take their booty and return it to the people from whence it came. Let them be servants to those who became poor by their thefts. I pray in Jesus’s name. Amen.

Now watch a very nervous Ben Bernanke, Chairman, of this thieving corporation dodge. He quotes the Federal Reserve act of 1913 written on Jekyll Island by private industrialists and bankers during Christmas. Then President, Woodrow Wilson, admitted if Americans knew what he had done, passing this monstrous theft as an Act, “there would be a revolution.”

In 2010, $12 trillion gone. That was $40,000 for each American. Imagine how much every American is falsely indebted today. They say it is over $100,000 for every man woman and child. No one held to account. But bonuses were awarded. It is a sketch from Dante’s inferno.

Avenge us O! Lord! Pull their filthy skirts over their heads and let the world see their sins. Destroy their strongholds Lord! Render their riches to dross as they starve the nations O! Lord.