America fleeced by private banking cartel

I bring forward an interrogation by Rep. Grayson of the Inspector General of private, unauditable, foreign-controlled, Federal Reserve. Her responses are revolting. The enemy has such hubris.

9 trillion disappeared without any outcry. We need Rep. Trey Gowdy and Chairman Jason Chaffetz to open up this can of locusts. Babylon must be stripped of her theft. They are the men for the job.

Disband this intruder that destroys the nations. Central banking, fractional reserve, fiat (fake) banking must be brought to a slow but sure death. The treasury must be resurrected.

Its bankers need to be arrested, including Wall Street plunderers, tried for treason, theft, lies, racketeering…name your crime. We all know them by name.

Some people are in jail for stealing food for their families and these ignoble devils run free, plundering without cease.

May the Lord take their booty and return it to the people from whence it came. Let them be servants to those who became poor by their thefts. I pray in Jesus’s name. Amen.

Now watch a very nervous Ben Bernanke, Chairman, of this thieving corporation dodge. He quotes the Federal Reserve act of 1913 written on Jekyll Island by private industrialists and bankers during Christmas. Then President, Woodrow Wilson, admitted if Americans knew what he had done, passing this monstrous theft as an Act, “there would be a revolution.”

In 2010, $12 trillion gone. That was $40,000 for each American. Imagine how much every American is falsely indebted today. They say it is over $100,000 for every man woman and child. No one held to account. But bonuses were awarded. It is a sketch from Dante’s inferno.

Avenge us O! Lord! Pull their filthy skirts over their heads and let the world see their sins. Destroy their strongholds Lord! Render their riches to dross as they starve the nations O! Lord.

Thank you!

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