“Toronto is a major sex slave hub-known as Disneyland for pedophiles”



Hundreds of arrests have just occurred in Toronto and across Canada. Two individuals, one in Virginia and another in Toronto are partners in Azov films; reportedly the Canadian Partner, Steve Way, is in jail. Five terrabytes of films and photos featuring boys from ages 5 to 14 being sexually abused have been seized.

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Why do Christian rescue organizations, politicians and the CIA always pop-up in these reports?

Azov Films were made [featuring children] mainly in the Crimea but also in other countries including the USA, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Spain, Moldova, Poland, Australia, Paraguay, Romania, and Germany.

This is reported:

It has been noted that Vladik, the main child star in Azov films, makes numerous satanic hand signs.

(Satanism is used by the security services such as the CIA when they carry out mind-control to produce sex slaves for the elite.)

Reportedly, Azov Films contain the type of symbolism used by the CIA in MK ULTRA brainwashing.

The Star reports:

Among the arrests were the chief probation officer of San Mateo County in California, an Oregon state trooper, a Connecticut police officer, a Texas police officer and an FBI program manager.

Many of the other suspects had close access to children, including an elementary school teacher from Georgia, a New Jersey middle-school vice principal, a high-school basketball coach in Ohio and a senior executive with the Indiana Boy Scouts.

Seems pedophiles have infiltrated World Vision and Big Brother. Notwithstanding, the current arrests include school teachers, priests, doctors and authorities. Is there no end?

We thought the drug trade was the big revenue source for black projects; but, child sex porn and slavery may be a big boon for non-humans.

The Lord is pulling back the veil on these monsters. May the Lord avenge these precious innocent souls, destroy their captors forthwith and send them to the abyss.

The lid is barely lifted off this cauldron.


ONE OF THE MOST VILE, knighted and befriended by UK Royalty and Heads of State. Jimmy Savile (my spelling) is now in hell. Hallelujah!!

Thank you!

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