Who is a Prophet?

by Mary Magdelene

A prophet is a person God has chosen to reveal future things. Mark Taylor prophesied of the victory of Donald Trump before he announced his candidacy, in 2011 (if memory serves). People argue over the term he prophesied i.e. 2012 when in fact it was 2016; but, who could have foreseen Donald Trump as President of the United States of America in 2011? No one. Absolutely no one.

Lt. Mark Taylor

Lt. Mark Taylor

I believe Taylor heard from the Lord. I will be listening to all the words he has received more carefully. His site, http://sordrescue.com .

The others who said Obama would have a third term were wrong. This is an impossibility. These persons are not prophets.

Hillary Clinton called Trump very late last night to concede and congratulate him; however, I would not doubt the demons are conjuring everything possible to destroy Trump, his Presidency, the world, Israel and all that is righteous.

We need to thank the Lord for this reprieve; but, to continue to warfare in our armors with the authority the Lord gave us. We must break all assignments against Trump and his family daily.

We need to turn away from Satan’s lies everywhere in society: entertainment, media, education, etc… We must use wisdom in dealings with our corrupt systems as God’s chosen return them to justice and righteousness.

You must repent often, forgive and come to Jesus as a little child. This victory was supernaturally ordained and can be removed if we slide back into our old ways. We must commit ourselves to becoming missionaries within our own borders. Go out and increase the Lord’s harvest. Hit the ground running.

Isn’t it impressive that the Lord chose a fireman to prophesy? Fire is symbolic of purifying and end times.


6 comments on “Who is a Prophet?

  1. rubornagain2 says:

    WOW, Love the Word our Father has revealed to this Brother!!! Thanks

  2. Kathy dickinson says:

    You (gods messenger) have blessed me & millions of others. I have been inspired to pray more than at any other time in my 71 years. So many of us were so discouraged until the prophesy, i however recognized trump as being raised by god when the debates began. Knowing from the prophesy gods huge plan has brought such happiness and hope, keep up posting and we will be praying!

    • Edward Nabozny says:

      Thank you Father for your many undeserved blessings on our United States of America. We praise You, for You alone are our God!

  3. Tim Shey says:

    The Spirit of a Prophet

  4. Holly says:

    What do u mean absolutely no one knew before 2011 that Trump would become president?? Kim Clements prophesied it in 2007.. U can look it up on YouTube..And some of his prophecies that he gave a timeline to didn’t happen..

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