“What you are seeing in this photo is a modern day witch of Endor, Pastor Bill Johnson’s wife, Beni,” Steinman. Note that she is lying on a grave.

By Stephen Steinman

Beni Johnson, co-pastor with husband Bill Johnson of Bethel church in Redding, California, is seen here above “sucking” up the so called spirit of CS Lewis by laying upon his grave in Oxford, England. No, I am not making this up.

This New Age pastoral team of husband and wife will stop at nothing to demonize unlearned lambs as well as many more mature sheep.


Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding

On the morning of June the 18th, the Holy Spirit convicted me of focusing my writings about the good news of the rapture. He made it clear my efforts must be focused, targeted at two individuals primarily, Andrew Farley, the hyper-grace teacher, and this man, Bill Johnson a hyper-mystical pastor. (Farley in my next post)

My ministry is to rescue lambs and sheep caught in the death grip of the kundalini spirit. Slowly, ever so slowly the snake tightens it grip as the breath of life is squeezed out of it’s victim.

Such is the spiritual fate of those who drink in these itching ear doctrines of devils, teaching a different gospel, about a different jesus, infilled with the kundalini spirit which deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Jesus desires to return those who truly love him, to the Garden of Eden and again to be clothed in light, to live with him eternally.

If you are following the teachings of this evil spirit, your hope of eternal life will remain but a hope. Your eternal life will be with the one you are worshipping, he being the kundalini spirit of Satan. This is a deceiving spirit, dwelling within you which must be removed by God, who desires to see you set free.


Bill Johnson on left; young followers on his right. All stand on graves of true Godly men.


What exactly is “grave sucking”? It is calling forth the spirit(s) of the dead into ones own being. Those practicing will attempt to justify the practice by sighting the bones of Elisha the prophet, but refuse the reality God’s condemnation of this practice. King Saul died in battle for committing this sin. You will die in spiritual warfare against evil, if you enter into to this practice. You are calling death upon yourself, a curse, and entry of countless demonic entities.

The anointing of God is through the Holy Spirit directly. Not through a former prophet’s bones. Life returned to the physical body of one man who’s dead body came into contact with the bones of Elisha. Such contact did not provide him eternal life found only in Jesus. Nor did this contact anoint him for ministry. This however is exactly what these lying spirit teach will happen, if you practice this form of necromancy.

This spirit has taken hold of Johnson’s ministry, and is providing the youth many of the pleasures of the flesh, professionally package as Christian. We are seeing this in every aspect of this man’s ministry, from music, to movies, to lying signs and wonders.

Satan allows many of his followers to appear to leave the scene of the world.


And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

STAY-TUNED for more of Watchman and Berean Stephen Steinman’s unveiling

Powerful demon over America : ‘Open Coffin’

I am studying the demon(s), spirits that have been incorporated into the person delegated to destroy America, under the chosen name, George Soros. The meaning of the name Soros, is ‘open coffin.’ His true birth name is Schwartz, which means, ‘black.’ Another synonym fits: darkness. There would be no better place to reside for evil spirits than a walking, talking vessel who honors a sepulchre by his choice of names.

These discoveries only lend themselves to the journey many have now begun, including me, about the spirits that have invaded this man. If I were standing over him, I could identify these demons as they are boastful, and cast them out. It is written. In the meantime, my research continues.

The world is on notice of the dark prince over the nation of America and his principal servant, an immigrant Jew from Hungary, Gyorgy Schwartz, who was instrumental in the horrors of the Jewish holocaust and unapologetic, proud, boastful.

One thing is clear, God has turned our accuser away, giving us a reprieve in the latest triumph. Lucifer is clearly stirring the demons in this dark vessel, as many continue to sin egregiously, mostly for 30 pieces of silver. I would not come against the Most High. He proves to be without mercy with the wicked.

Learn about this demonic entity and pray for the soul that is lost within him. War against the spirits within him and cancel the assignments they were given against America. We are war with spirits dear Brothers and Sisters. I will share my discoveries and revelations with you all that your voices in warfare may be incisive. There is no doubt the Spirit of Jezebel is in him, exceeding vain and manipulative.

Behold God’s headlines of election “lawlessness”

All Souls RADIO – Ep. 3 “Battling Times” – Holy Spirit Part 2

Just produced this straight from my spirit and with a sense of urgency. This is Part 2 of my broadcasts on the Holy Spirit entitled, “Battling Times”.

Screen shot 2016-02-29 at 5.14.25 PM

AllSoulsRADIO Ep. 2 “Heaven in Us”

Screen shot 2016-02-20 at 7.09.30 PM

This episode is called “Heaven in Us”. Discover how it operates in us already as the scriptures disclose. Discover who you are. Many episodes will follow this very grand but encouraging topic in Episode 2.