Powerful demon over America : ‘Open Coffin’

I am studying the demon(s), spirits that have been incorporated into the person delegated to destroy America, under the chosen name, George Soros. The meaning of the name Soros, is ‘open coffin.’ His true birth name is Schwartz, which means, ‘black.’ Another synonym fits: darkness. There would be no better place to reside for evil spirits than a walking, talking vessel who honors a sepulchre by his choice of names.

These discoveries only lend themselves to the journey many have now begun, including me, about the spirits that have invaded this man. If I were standing over him, I could identify these demons as they are boastful, and cast them out. It is written. In the meantime, my research continues.

The world is on notice of the dark prince over the nation of America and his principal servant, an immigrant Jew from Hungary, Gyorgy Schwartz, who was instrumental in the horrors of the Jewish holocaust and unapologetic, proud, boastful.

One thing is clear, God has turned our accuser away, giving us a reprieve in the latest triumph. Lucifer is clearly stirring the demons in this dark vessel, as many continue to sin egregiously, mostly for 30 pieces of silver. I would not come against the Most High. He proves to be without mercy with the wicked.

Learn about this demonic entity and pray for the soul that is lost within him. War against the spirits within him and cancel the assignments they were given against America. We are war with spirits dear Brothers and Sisters. I will share my discoveries and revelations with you all that your voices in warfare may be incisive. There is no doubt the Spirit of Jezebel is in him, exceeding vain and manipulative.


Thank you!

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