Be assured God heard this speech. And it delighted Him.

Blessed Jonathan Cahn calls it as it must be. These days are very, very dire. This Messianic Rabbi is anointed as no other. Believe me when I say, the Lord is reaching out to America through this blessed man.


2016 Year of the Outsider : Doom For Hillary

On Fox News, Presidential Candidate and Christian, Dr. Ben Carson says Trump was able to defeat the strongest candidates in the Republican party because, “the people themselves have just gotten disgusted with being manipulated and controlled.”

“This is the year of the outsider, people had decided that. Look what happens when we send in an insider…people are absolutely tired of that.”

This is a great meme for a Trump Presidency that represents, listens to and serves the people. O! how Ben Carson would make a great VEEP!


I wish radio hosts would stop saying people are asleep and stupid. The public is proving that it has smartened up to the men behind the curtain. They should be encouraged and rewarded for their awake state and engagement in the process.

The greater “outsider” of all time was and is, Jesus Christ.

I see God’s hand in Trump’s rise; He is always in control, able to use anyone at anytime for His purpose. Perhaps Trump is America’s mercy and last chance to change, repent and clean up its moral degradation.

If the public continues to entertain the satanists and their works, it is truly the end for America. Everything must be mopped up: education, public places, health, food production, industry, banking, authorities, military, freedom in a moral construct, right to life, marriage as directed by God, the end of tampering with God’s creation. The indictment of all criminals in D.C. and colluding agencies, commissions and corporations must fill the jails–not the petty thief who stole a bag of groceries, or carried an ounce of marijuana.

Truth must return and America will be spared like Nineveh. Trump may have been chosen by God for this. Trump is the outsider everyone hoped and prayed for.

I have prayed to the Lord again and again to have compassion on America, that they were tricked by the devil and his minions and are now awake to the lawlessness by the elected. Forgive them for did not know. God listens to His sheep’s prayers.

America! you better stay awake! And you better change your ways!

For as Trump is triumphant and acts upon his words and yet you do not turn from your sins, judgment by the wrath of the Lord is assured. Be encouraged, as Trump may be chosen by God which I truly believe he is, nothing will help Hillary. Every attack will get him more votes. Every trick will fail. God is in control of her very breath. God has taught us that when we are persecuted, we are rewarded; this is why Trump rises each time he is persecuted.

Trump is the galloping First White Horseman in Revelation – The Mercy Horse!

It does not matter if Trump is a Laodicean Christian or a mix of iron and clay! God is using him for a greater purpose; hence, the prophecies of the Spirit of King Cyrus. He gallops on a white horse, with a bow and a crown on his head, conquering. These are signs mirrored in heaven straight from the mouth of God.

The devil and his minions cannot stop this.

Only America’s failure to turn away from sin can.

April 28, 2011, Prophecy on Donald Trump : “Anointed by God”

By Mary Magdelene

NOTICE : If you wish copy and repost you have permission to copy up to 50% our text and give credit to AllSoulsAreMine and myself as Author, Mary Magdelene, hyperlinked to And of course a direct link to the story. Much appreciated and God bless!

Mark Taylor’s Prophecy was received from the Lord, April 28, 2011. It is an exceptional prophecy raising hope and contradicting end-time apocalyptic prophecies. Perhaps America is to be spared in judgment.

The Prophecy is about Donald Trump leading America, restoring her to His intended nature. Trump may be the King that obeys the Lord and blesses the nation. If he is God’s chosen and anointed to restore her, no fiery darts from the enemy can stop his victory. You have to agree, his rise despite so much political opposition and trickery is unprecedented. His rise has all the marks of the miraculous.

Listen to the Prophecy and consult the Holy Spirit for truth.

Trumps speech on Foreign Policy in Washington, D.C., ended moments ago. It was exceedingly presidential and change-setting. Here is the full speech. Enjoy!

Behold the Bride of Christ

The Philadelphian Church that pleased Jesus is found today in home gatherings and they are being led by anointed men and women. Pastor David Wilkerson prophesied this many years before his promotion in 2011.

This flock is led by Shepherd Doug Perry, USA. Doug has fed Jesus’ flock with the Word and love for years. His flock reaches far beyond the walls we see in the video below.

So many Believers are scattered, lonely and unable to find a spirit filled congregation close to home, one where the glory of God is present. In Perry, Believers have found a virtual family. Perry truly loves all present and far away teaching powerfully for years on web videos and staying in touch. His Ministry, Fellowship of the Martyrs, is exceptional, transcending space and tradition.

Know that this type of in-gathering of the sheep is on the increase and soon, may be underground. The devil is doing all he can to stamp out prayer, worship, fellowship and bible study. He does not seem to grasp that faith is unstoppable.

NOTE: This Ministry is worthy of blessings for those who seek to help in any way.

Timely Preaching from Precious Sister

Ann Rowan speaks of the lateness of the hour. Her message is scripturally sound. We will be fed by the lone sheeps Jesus loves in these last days–not the many, renown wolves in pulpits who seek inwardly to destroy you.

April 20th : Largest Earthquake predicted this year

A large CME left the sun on the 18th (not an X-class); but, serious enough to perhaps exceed the Ecuador 7.8 magnitude, tomorrow. The sun is not quiet as we’ve been told. We can rely on this Christian Brother’s knowledge. Do you not think the Lord is calling us to action?


Can we stop a major Earthquake from occurring tomorrow? YES! The Lord hears our prayers. He has a plan; but, if we ask for the right things, He will give it to us.

Please let’s intercede for the Japanese, Ecuadorians and those yet to be afflicted. I am directing my prayers for a revival and divine protection in all areas hit.

There’s nothing like a shaking to surrender your will to a loving God and remove the grip of Satan on Father’s souls. ALL SOULS ARE MINE! Eze. 18:4 My surrender came with much less shaking; I could see the devil’s dominion for what it was. I only occupy, pro-actively, until Father takes me home.

As the fig tree turns we must pray often. The prayers of the Saints are powerful unto the Lord.

God vs. Google : Outnumbered !

Screen shot 2016-04-18 at 1.13.47 PM

The world is in a state-of-mind perhaps as we have never seen before in the history of man. I am driven today to obtain a bird’s eye view of all of God’s souls purported to number over 6.5 billion.

The sheer volume of search results on the web for key end-of-days phrases and words reveals much. We don’t need a social anthropologist to declare that there is a frenetic move toward nihilism compliments of the Spirit of Fear, incarnated in Satan; however, a greater force is in control.

We followers of Jesus Christ already know the joy of His promise, His Plan, His millennial Kingdom. He has already conquered long ago. These Google results of the Light overwhelm the dark one today. As a meek lamb I am not  showing off; but, I am giddy in the Lord!

It is clear many are seeking and the sheep are hard at work declaring the Lord!

The revival, the gathering, the remnant is evident. His redeemed, whether before or after the rapture, will multiply on the ground and on the web until the day Jesus opens the books related each soul as they come face-to-face with Him. I declare and decree it!

It’s alright to listen to anointed Watchmen and to keep watch; but, to listen to alarmists 24/7 is truly the works of the devil working on stealing your time with the Father. I pray we all tip our time toward Him, soaking in the Word, communing with Him in our prayer closet and when on the web, we hear God not Google (note how close the name resembles Gog!)

Who’s voice will you listen to in the short time remaining? The scheming, filthy voice of devil? The promise of a faithful, loving Lord who changes not? Both voices are on the web. God has already rigged the results in His favor. Well done faithful servants!

Behold search results April 18, 2016:

(these are not searches but content or key words related to said content)

Hope: 1,750 billion

God: 1.38 billion

The end is near : 971 million

Jesus: 580 million

Society collapse : 178 million

End times : 120 million

Apocalypse: 95.7 million

Christ return : 89.4 million

Satan: 75.2 million

Resurrection : 70 million

Second Coming: 33.6 million

Rapture : 24 million

Lucifer: 23.7 million

Armageddon : 23.7 million

Millennial Kingdom : 1.83 million

The end is NOT near : 130 thousand