This Day is Mine

Thus saith the Lord,

I am through with all that is proclaiming to be of Me. It is not. I am He that you do not know.

You speak of Me with glorious words, but you dishonor Me with your thoughts and your deeds.

The filth of the world has risen to the nose of the Father.

There is no stopping what the Lord has begun. It must be little children.

Keep your temple swept and ready to receive Me for I will pour my spirit out on you, a double portion.

The whole world will rock to and fro with the knowledge of Me. The season is here. The signs, I have given many.

Trust this writing. It is of Me.

Tell the world to look for the sign of Jonah. It is coming. Nineveh was warned. The world was warned through my prophets and sons now departed.

Where is Nineveh now. Her fire still burns.

Thus it shall be on the wicked. I will spare My own. Fear not what is to come. Keep steadfast My children. Intercede for the lost with haste. I  command you. Obey me that many may receive My mercy.

Pray for your families, friends, communities, nations. Pray for your enemies. Bless them in your heart not on your lips that you may partake of the gifts of My kingdom.

Be holy My children. Be a light in the vast darkness. My light shines in you.

I desire you be incorruptible my loved ones. I ask much of you but much will be given to you.

Be still. Be sober. Come into My rest. But pray will all supplication that your prayers may be answered.

I have risen that these days may come. How glorious they will be.

Rejoice in this day and in My words.

Maranatha Maranatha Maranatha


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