I’m back! By His command


by Mary Magdalene

I’m back. Our traffic never disappeared even though I did. Prayer requests still came in.

You may wish to understand why I stopped posting. I did not want to be yet another vain voice. And most of all irreverent, raising my voice above the Lord’s.

I seek no money. Only to please Him, to serve Him, to obey Him in these dark times.

He commanded me to come back here a week ago. I dragged my heels.

Moments ago He told me again. I jumped. So here I am.

Jesus knows I do not want to post anything that is not from Him. Full stop.

He also told me a week ago I would be–am–an evangelist. So I spent a little time learning about one of the five-fold ministries. And Philip, And Paul. And Peter.

I do not feel ready–that is my memory of verses is not ready. My heart is ready. My knowledge of Him is unshakeable. Clearly Jesus believes this is sufficient.

So I await my instructions from the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords…soon to return.

I feel like a new wineskin about to burst!

May the Lord bless you, edify you through this humble vessel.


2 comments on “I’m back! By His command

  1. Array says:

    I’m glad you’re back and soon our Jesus Christ will be, too.Vonda

  2. Array says:

    Glad to see you back posting!!!

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