Demons taking many souls–by invitation

In the spirit, it brings tears to my eyes to think of those who will go to Gehena, Hades or as it is commonly called, hell. Many think they will go to heaven despite sin upon sin. Many believe their lives end in the ground; this is not scriptural.

We are spiritual beings i.e. we are spirits in a vessel formed by the Lord in our mothers’ wombs. We are also eternal beings. We never cease to be. Where we live our eternal lives is what our existence on this plane is about. Our lives on earth before the Jesus establishes His kingdom is a test–a time where the Lord separates the goats from the sheep. No one who knows hell is real, would want to end up there, for eternity.

The Lord told me many months ago:

“The grace period is over” [related to Judgment. It is set and will not be restrained any further.]

Which brings us to Hallow’s Eve. This day augurs poorly for the immediate future of many. I have run into Christians who think it is harmless for children to celebrate this day. To walk the streets “tricking or treating”.

Make no mistake this day, October 31st, is as occult a day as can be. Anyone that acknowledges this as a celebratory day is inviting Satan and his legions into their lives. They are ordaining a curse on their lives. Especially during these final days of Satan’s dominion on this earth. Demons will encircle, control or influence many as a result. Remember how he hates all of God’s creations–ALL.

On this day, pray, pray, and pray for the evil one’s targets and victims. Ask the Lord to intervene and stop all blood sacrifices. Pray through the night. Sanctify your homes with anointing oil, especially your doorways.


Seems harmless but it is deadly.

The Lord gave me this word.

Dear children,

Heed my warning. This is a day which I hate. Many of my children are lost forever. I do not wish for any to perish. This is a day when too many are lost. There is too little time and no  grace period left.

Now my children. Go out. Pray with all your heart. Push back the enemy. I am listening. Pray for mercy. Pray for the little children. Walk the streets now. Go forth. Be careful. Wear the full armor of the Lord , approach no filthy thing.

I am with you. I hear your prayers. Remove the permission my creation have  foolishly given to the evil one to commit deadly sins. There is power in your prayers. Use my name a lot, frequently. In my name is the power you need. Clean the streets my children. Go forth and save my souls.

Send out workers into the street where the harvest is tonight.

Remember I am with you. Fear not.



I had a dream last night, so vivid. A beautiful little child drowned while we stood around unaware, saving a cat and dog. The mother was heartbroken attempting to revive her corpse with no success. This is very prophetic and related to the message of this horrible day. We must watch and be vigilant these days. Lest the children be lost.

Lord’s crash course now bearing fruit

Hello again Brothers and Sisters all over the world,

I’m back to blog to my soul’s content.  I have been studying “crash course” style, as the Lord conveyed to our beloved prophetess in Texas, Glynda Lomax. For my first lesson He instructed me to study Isaiah. It is quite interesting how Isaiah is a mini Bible of sorts; it has a beginning, the Messiah foreseen and the end of the fallen’s dominion… It is no wonder the Lord isolated this book.

It is quite amazing how much you can learn when you get “the fire”; much of it comes from sheer reading of the word. The more you want to learn; the more the Lord teaches you. Words come to life. Mysteries are revealed.

I have always maintained the Lord put me on a “crash course” because the end of the age is near and there is no time to absorb it over a lifetime. The Lord wants and needs workers now; we must rise up to His call.

My life’s path was pre-ordained. I now know all of the events of my life were lessons, preparations. The Lord calls it refining. One thing is clear, He wants me here on this earth at this time. He has saved me from the brink of death too many times to cast any doubt. Supernaturally, I became a true fervent servant of the Lord, first surrendering, then obeying, repenting always when the Holy Spirit reminds me. The Lord’s work on His children never ends. We all race to earn our mansions and touch the edge of His garment. That day is approaching.

Soon, I will meet Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, John the Baptist, Isaiah, Elijah, Enoch, Paul, Peter, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Jude, Mary Magdalene and Jesus’ mother Mary. I finally meet my beloved Jesus and will be near Father God. The Cherubims and Seraphims will surround me. A new song will permeate my soul–and yours.

I trust all of you will be there in your linen robes, white and bright. We will know each other. Then we will return with Jesus on Judgment Day as it is written. We will return to a restored earth under our beloved Governor of Governors, our Lord Jesus. There will be no more tears, no more tyranny. Just joy and living with him in righteousness. We will enjoy the fruit of our labor, live in the houses we build and eat the fruit of the trees for our health.

Isn’t it wonderful, joyful, that we serve a loving, gentle, long-suffering God ! How I love Him and how He loves us all far more than we can know.  His ways are higher that our ways. We must worship Him every day because every day is created by Him, by grace, a gift to us. Do not doubt that it is by His restraint that we have another day.

The world needs to be returned to the Lord’s intended condition in the garden of Eden. How our dear Lord can stand looking at the level of sin and the works of the evil one this long baffles me. Immense grace!

We children have been chosen. We have been called by Him. We must answer. We must also keep our hearts, our eyes on our eternal life with Him, His Kingdom on earth and the New Jerusalem.

I will post regularly a watershed of revelations, experiences and words from The Lord.

Message from the Lord, this moment:

“Tell them,

“I love you more than your hearts can know. I am coming soon. Do not to fear. Be strong. Have faith. I am with you.

I am coming with you to return the Saints to their place. Know this is my plan. Be joyous my children. It is all coming to an end, your suffering. You will be with Me. My promise is true. I know you yearn to be with Me and I you. We will make a new song together. And we will sing for a millenia, for eternity. I so long to be with you my children. You are all mine.

The Lord wished me to “repeat again that I love them”.

Thank you for this dear Jesus.