The Pursuit of Happiness can succeed

After spending hours in the epistles of John, I listened to Pastor Claude Houde from Quebec. What a wonderful message. Fruitful and true. Be encouraged and fed by him, leaving not the real manna that is the Word of God.

He reports a 2014 survey of 10,000 Christians in America; they spend an average of 4.5 hours per day watching TV and less than one hour a week in devotional pursuit outside of attending church! The programming is making Christians dead to God. “You will be chaff in the wind,” he says. “…what can deaden your souls.” (I have not watched television for two years. Thank you Lord for placing in me the reviling of the devil’s doctrines that is TV.)

Et voici un message de Claude House de son eglise propre a Longueuil, Quebec. Soyez  nourri!

AllSoulsRADIO Episode 5 : “How to occupy until Jesus comes”

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Beware of Osteen doctrines of demons

Renown personality Joel Osteen stood on the left of his wife, Victoria, nodding in approval at her words, “…when we obey God we’re not doing it for God…when you worship Him you’re not doing it for God really, your doing it for yourself…he wants you to be happy.” The venue should have emptied en masse.  Instead, the audience foolishly, blindly, gobbled up this false doctrine, this blasphemy from the pit of hell. I guarantee their words incur the wrath of our Most High, Almighty God and His son, Jesus Christ.

Matthew 16:24 (KJV)
24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

John 12:25 (KJV)
He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

WHEN YOU WORSHIP GOD IT IS FOR HIM AND HIM ONLY. The Osteens may have riches on earth; but, unless they confess their corrupt teaching, it is safe to assume they will face the Lord with great condemnation. It’s not looking good for the many who spout these lies enriching themselves in the process. “Seed and you will prosper,” is the greatest lie. Absent are the doctrines of sin and repentance; but, “we are little gods,” is frequently heard. Mixing lies with truth does not equal truth; the Lord was clear on this. We should pray for mercy for the couple and all who worship at their altar.

This is yet another sign of the end of this age; yet, the Osteens are not alone. It is a sweeping movement by which many hirelings have enriched themselves. It is also the New Age Movement, making yourself god, with lipstick on it. It is also known as The Word of Faith movement–believing and getting or “naming and claiming.” God is not our cash machine or our sugar daddy. It is an unholy deception with deadly consequences.

I cannot urge Believers enough to get out of these “churches”, pushing this doctrine of demons,before it is too late. These prosperity preachers raising themselves above God are putting all who follow them at risk of eternal darkness.

The Truth is in the Word. The Word is inspired by God. The penalty for adding or removing anything to it in Revelation 22:18-19 is grave.

Watch this video as evidence of Osteen theology and The Word of Faith movement. Read the scriptures that you know to judge this movement and its parlor tricks. Trust only our Father in Heaven in the Word.

p.s. I promise to write and record scripture-checked content that will encourage you all; but, I want to be sure that all of us–including myself–are pursuing the one true God and His doctrines. There is a lot of good news and hope in Jesus. Stay-tuned!


Kynan Bridges on the keys to God’s favor and the kingdom of heaven

And how to walk in God’s authority. When you are through watching these two shows, you will be refreshed in the Lord’s promise. He never changes and has given us the keys–we must know them and use them.


Generational Curses : in a nutshell

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eBook by Glynda Linkous. Click to go to Amazon.

Glynda Linkous, Author, Revelator, Prophetess from Texas, describes curses succinctly in her e-book description for The Curse of Fear.

Is your life cursed or blessed right now? Which one sounds more like your experiences? Blessed or cursed? Most people have a combination until they learn about curses and break them.

A curse is basically the legal right for demons to afflict you or cause you harm or loss in a particular area. A generational curse is a legal right for demons to afflict you based on evil done (sins) by your forefathers that they never repented of, that you then opened the door to. You are not guilty of their sin, but the tendency to sins they didn’t repent for may fall on you, until/unless you are a believer of Jesus Christ who has the knowledge to break the curses off your life.

Have you spent your life in anxiety and worry? Are you being held back from being all you can be because you are paralyzed by fear? Do you fear being around people? Trying new things? Going new places?

I learned that she has published many e-books on curses. Here is a list:

  1. The Curse of Poverty
  2. The Curse of Anger
  3. The Curse of Perversion
  4. The Curse of Failure
  5. The Curse of Depression
  6. The Curse of Lust
  7. The Curse of Illegitimacy
  8. The Curse of Freemasonry
  9. The Curse of Innocent Blood
  10. The Curse of Divorce and Division
  11. The Curse of Barrenness
  12. And the Curse of Fear (linked from image above, which will guide you to all others)

Each download is only 93 cents. There is so much to learn. The truth has been hidden all of our lives among brethren. But not in the word. Every single word is always confirmed in the word–and God is not a liar. We are all likely under curses; but, we can break them in mere moments of faith and prayer.

There can be no healing of any kind until those curses are removed, Pastor Derek Prince teaches. Indeed, it is written.

The prayer to release you of all curses–now

Curses are real. They are in many verses of the Old Testament e.g. Deuteronomy 28 and the New Testament. You may not know why your life and your family’s life is continually troubled. There is likely a curse going back to your parents, ancestors and many generations back. You have to break these curses. Please know that there are curses by Satan and curses from the Lord–you may have even brought curses on yourself as recently as yesterday. The power of life and death are on the tongue. Be careful what you claim out loud–Satan and his hoards are listening–and you are giving him permission to afflict you. Here is a prayer transcribed from the saint Derek Prince at the closing of his ministering on releasing yourself from curses that you may be blessed (read it out loud and from your heart):

“Lord Jesus Christ, I believe that you are the Son of God, and the only way to God, that you died on the cross for my sins and rose again from the dead. I renounce all my sins and I turn to you Lord Jesus for mercy and for forgiveness and I believe you do forgive. From now on I want to live for you.

I want to hear your voice and do what you tell me. In order to receive your blessing Lord and to be released from any curse over my life, first of all I confess any known sin committed by me or by any of my ancestors or others related to me.

(stop and let the Holy Spirit bring those persons to mind)

Lord I thank you that I believe you have forgiven everything that I have confessed and Lord now I want to say that I also forgive all other persons who ever wronged me or harmed me I forgive them all now as I would have God forgive me, in particular I forgive…

(think of them as thoroughly as you can be as thorough as you can)

Furthermore Lord, I renounce any contact by myself or any related to me with Satan or with occult power in any form or any kind of secret society. Also Lord I commit myself to remove from my house any kind of occult objects that honor Satan and dishonor Jesus Christ. With your help Lord I will remove them all. And now Lord Jesus I thank you further that on the cross you were made a curse that I might be redeemed from the curse and might receive the blessing and because of what you did for me on the cross I now release myself from every curse and every evil influence and every dark shadow over me or my family from any source whatever I release myself now in the name of Jesus. Amen.”

It is worth the time to listen to his sermon below on curses and deliverance. Release yourself that you may live in His fullness. All praise and glory be to God, Jesus Christ our Lord.