I watched this video compliments of our precious sister, Rev. Michelle Hopkins Mann. You can subscribe to her channel. Praise God for lifting the veil on this big lie created to enslave and bankrupt all humanity.

John Coleman, Founder of The Weather Channel, completely debunks Climate Change and Global Warming, 100%. He is not alone. He is joined by thousands of truthful scientists, climatologists who state same. The corruption is in the highest offices, pushing this lie. Share this video widely.

Praise God for John Coleman; but, also President Trump for getting US out of the Paris Accord. Many are not aware of how he has literally saved them from tyranny on a level never seen before. This is a lie that would have hamstrung everyone financially and physically. Its tentacles reached into every human action: consumption, movement, transport, health… It touched everything. The Liars-in-Chief began constructing this lie in the late 60s at the Club of Rome and commissioned MIT, Ehrlich and Meadows, to fabricate “Limits to Growth.” My natural father was among them, unwittingly. They destroyed him when he realized what was afoot. He is with the Lord now; so he cannot be murdered.

Academia are adept in writing complex, convincing documents to support the tyranny of bankers, industrialists and ruling elite, who see the world as ‘human resources’–a vile term that demeans all humanity. I am not a human resource on par with a bale of hay or a sow. I am special, fearfully made by the Lord in my mother’s womb. I was planned before I was in her womb. I am not a human resources; but, I am a human wonder. We all are–those born naturally.

If I sound angry, I am; but, it is directed at the wicked constructs that people are immersed in. We MUST shake them loose of this wicked grip. The deceivers have no power over Christ who is in me/us–the authority I/we have over them. God avenges  us always.

I use the tools He has given me in 100% faith. I’ve got my prayer weapon activated. Watch out because my words are rising to Father’s ears and nose. Not one word will fall to the ground.

Thank you!

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