God vs. Google : Outnumbered !

Screen shot 2016-04-18 at 1.13.47 PM

The world is in a state-of-mind perhaps as we have never seen before in the history of man. I am driven today to obtain a bird’s eye view of all of God’s souls purported to number over 6.5 billion.

The sheer volume of search results on the web for key end-of-days phrases and words reveals much. We don’t need a social anthropologist to declare that there is a frenetic move toward nihilism compliments of the Spirit of Fear, incarnated in Satan; however, a greater force is in control.

We followers of Jesus Christ already know the joy of His promise, His Plan, His millennial Kingdom. He has already conquered long ago. These Google results of the Light overwhelm the dark one today. As a meek lamb I am not  showing off; but, I am giddy in the Lord!

It is clear many are seeking and the sheep are hard at work declaring the Lord!

The revival, the gathering, the remnant is evident. His redeemed, whether before or after the rapture, will multiply on the ground and on the web until the day Jesus opens the books related each soul as they come face-to-face with Him. I declare and decree it!

It’s alright to listen to anointed Watchmen and to keep watch; but, to listen to alarmists 24/7 is truly the works of the devil working on stealing your time with the Father. I pray we all tip our time toward Him, soaking in the Word, communing with Him in our prayer closet and when on the web, we hear God not Google (note how close the name resembles Gog!)

Who’s voice will you listen to in the short time remaining? The scheming, filthy voice of devil? The promise of a faithful, loving Lord who changes not? Both voices are on the web. God has already rigged the results in His favor. Well done faithful servants!

Behold search results April 18, 2016:

(these are not searches but content or key words related to said content)

Hope: 1,750 billion

God: 1.38 billion

The end is near : 971 million

Jesus: 580 million

Society collapse : 178 million

End times : 120 million

Apocalypse: 95.7 million

Christ return : 89.4 million

Satan: 75.2 million

Resurrection : 70 million

Second Coming: 33.6 million

Rapture : 24 million

Lucifer: 23.7 million

Armageddon : 23.7 million

Millennial Kingdom : 1.83 million

The end is NOT near : 130 thousand


One comment on “God vs. Google : Outnumbered !

  1. *Rae says:

    I love God and I love numbers. Great post. I don’t wanna be that one that goes around screaming, “the end is near,” *but* lol great post, again!!!

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