God gives locality to prophecy now interpreted

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Peachtree Plaza, Atlanta, in prophetic dream.

A few years ago I awoke from a dream so detailed, so powerful, that I remember it this day; however, the interpretation was withheld from me until now. I feel an urgency to publish it.

The dream was indeed a catastrophe; yet, its specificity is remarkable. I paid attention to every detail of the dream as Father in heaven is able to weave a prophecy to the smallest detail.

I was present only in the spirit as I remember–a spectator not subject to the event that occured.

I was in the midst of an urban city. Towering above me was a reflective, perfectly round skyscraper, with a golden-pink hue. I originally believed this building to be in Tel Aviv; but, on inspection, my spirit did not feel it was correct. Notwithstanding, it was not as reflective as the one in my dream. So I searched world images of round buildings further and discovered the Westin Peachtree Plaza, downtown Atlanta. It was the same building in my dream–no other matched this image. I have never been there, nor Atlanta. Nevertheless, the interpretation of my whole dream arrived today.

It seemed to be early dusk since the building had this warm, pink hue. As I entered the dream, the building toppled over, straight down (not collapsing like WTC.) People were running everywhere, screaming, frightened, toward my position as water flowed in engulfing the streets at great speed. (They were not wearing coats so this leads me to interpret a warmer climate related to this event.) I wondered where the water came from–but clearly its abundance was the Atlantic.

Some people knocked on the door of a large house on higher ground for help; a heavy set woman in slacks, her hair short and blunt-cut, with many dogs in view opened the door. She turned the people away saying she had no room for people, only her dogs. People pleaded. She slammed the door without the slightest expression.

Then the dream ended.

I consider that the Holy Spirit was showing me the locality of this event: Eastern US and reaching as far as Atlanta. People under fire were not olive skinned or dark haired; they were fair skinned. I only witnessed white persons being swept away.

The woman in the home was an allegory of what US has become. There was no husband, no family. The woman was alone, hardened, masculine, lacking compassion, overweight, and valued animals above any person. America will not look after her own. I hark back to Timothy on the character of people in the last days.

The parable of the virgins and their oil lamps always comes to mind. I did not hear anyone call out to Jesus. No Lamps. No oil. Unprepared.

The round building is reminiscent of the Tower of Babel which pagans had built to reach their god in the heavens; however, I may have been shown that US is Babylon–either the daughter or mystery, certainly a type of Babylon.

What is very telling is that 90 miles east on Highway 77 (a number signifying perfection in the Bible) is located the infamous Georgia Guidestones. These stones make mockery of God’s laws burned into tablets in the OT; they feature 10 commandments of their own for the whole world to witness in 8 major languages. Among its many doctrines from the devil himself, it is inscribed that humans are a ‘cancer’, when in fact, God made man in His image. ‘Maintaining population at 500 million,’ is chiseled into the stones; a declaration that over 6 billion will disappear. This monument of evil has surely made God laugh; nothing but nothing comes to pass unless He purposes it.

This ignoble structure erected in 1980 further blasphemes by claiming its author is the fictitious RC Christian. This monument and area would have been swept away in my dream before Atlanta. It is noteworthy that it has an inscription in Babylonian cuneiform at the top–a connection to the replica of the tower of Babel 90 miles away. Make no mistake, God will not be mocked.

It is also noteworthy that Ted Turner is a presence in Atlanta with a street named after him (in proximity to the tower) and the location of his news enterprise, CNN. He is a leading voice in the removal of over 6 billion people from the planet–a well-known, leading eugenicist.

America has left its first love and has built many altars to Baal. We wait as she is in my dream appointed to wrath.

Another powerful dream which preceded this one will be detailed in my next post; this one also was interpreted today. Although dark, there is a deeply encouraging message that only God could have given me.