God’s vengeance against pedophiles is in progress

Pedophiles the world over believe in and worship Satan; but, moreover their acts have been recorded to be used against them. Men and women in power at the highest levels of government, authorities, corporations and lettered agencies are compromised. They do the bidding of a few evil on fear of exposure. They lie, cheat, steal with impunity. This is at its end now, 2017.

Exposed it shall be. It has already begun. The entire world will be stunned, disgusted and demand justice.

You pedophiles have allowed yourselves to be defiled for dross and vanity. You cowards are trying to ‘whack the moles’ wherever they pop-up their heads. There is an army of God against you. Who can overcome the Almighty who created all? Not one of you will escape what the Lord has in store for you. Not one.

I rejoice in the Lord’s vengeance. He has heard our prayers.

President Trump is reported to be sickened by your filth. You mock him while you take children, rape, torture, kill and consume them. All has been recorded by a handful of evil men to control you. They too will get their just rewards. Do not fear your handlers. Fear the wrath of the Lord.

God will cut off the head of this Leviathan. Why do you think the Lord has chosen Donald John Trump? He has the goods to serve the Lord in these end times.

Jesus spoke of you in Revelation, your ‘sexual immorality’ and the sword He will bring against you.

Now this insider revelation. The hammer is coming down.




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