ALERT : Asteroid, Tsunami, Big Earthquake prophecy


The reason this message from Dr. Borges received from the Lord resonates with me, is due to my recent posts related to October 3 (the start of the new Hebrew year 5777),  an asteroid rumored on its way and also my vivid dream about Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Borges says the Lord warned him last night that it’s arriving tomorrow morning between Puerto Rico and Mona Island and a major tsunami will hit the Caribbean Islands, Florida and East coast USA.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 24 : So, no asteroid has hit the Atlantic this morning. This brings all of Dr. Borges prophecies into doubt–the dates especially. Yet we wait a day or two more. Accordingly, I have altered the headline; however, we need to keep watch due to the many reports, prophetic dreams and visions. Revelation 6 and 7 are coming. It’s just a matter of when.

He also heard a biggest earthquake ever e.g. level 12 will hit October 4. There will be 3 days of darkness. The Lord told him do not open the doors or windows, stay inside and pray.   This will surely affect the whole world.

The Lord also was told him that China and Russia will be at war with USA by December.

As a Watchman (the Lord told me this in 2011) I have to report this. I am only being obedient–not a scaremonger. I believe the Lord has had it! His wrath is at the door.

ASK JESUS TO MAKE HIMSELF KNOWN TO YOU NOW IF YOU ARE NOT SAVED. NOW. NOT TOMORROW. NOW. ALSO REPENT OF YOUR SINS AND STOP SINNING! Go to our tab above “BORN AGAIN” and commit yourself to your Lord, your King, your Savior and find peace and rest in Him. And life eternal.

If you want to be stiff-necked, scoff and laugh at Dr. Borges, go ahead. I pray these events  do not happen; but, my spirit has a ‘knowing’ that all is not well and about to shift catastrophically.

NOW LISTEN TO TRUNEWS, re-broadcasting the interview with Dr. Borges:

Click the image above. Or this:

The message is at 1:20 minutes.



I no longer believe in Planet X and for good reason

Screen shot 2016-07-15 at 8.19.10 PM

I just posted this comment at SecureTeam10, not a Christian site; but as I, Tyler is attempting to alleviate unwarranted fear. Here is what I posted:

PLEASE READ THIS THAT YOUR KNOWLEDGE MAY INCREASE. “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” HOSEA I no longer believe in Planet X. I have a long history of research, communicating with people across the world and in military intelligence about Planet-X. The tell-tale sign is this : there are no bodies above the clouds near space to be seen. The visual reports all come from the ground–below the clouds, the aerosols. My conclusion is the PTB are preparing for a great deception as the bible says. They are practicing holographic projection in all forms: cities in the sky in China and other nations, and celestial bodies that mimic a planetary system and more. I have viewed hours and hours of videos shot up to 130,000 feet, far above the clouds, near space. All the bodies seen from the ground were non-existent. These are in my opinion projections, precursors for “Project False Messiah” and/or “Project Alien Invasion” and/or “Project Fake Rapture” (titles mine). The technology is well developed and already in use in the entertainment industry. They spray a dense fog and it functions as a projection screen. Look up Fogscreen and related patents. NASA even shares a patent for 12 artificial suns. The bodies seen from the ground are likely photoshop projections. They never waste a good opportunity to keep people in fear. The devil’s playground. Some will make you believe that light bending technology is hiding the bodies above the clouds. Really? Then why show below? I do not think they are yet able to bend light across the whole sky from horizon to horizon. I do think the PTB are frightened of an uprising against their lies, murders and theft. So they are throwing all the mud they can on the wall to see what will stick. Divisiveness and fear of each other works well. They fund ISIS. They fund BLM. And they pit everyone against each other. Keeping us distracted. Bread and circus. There are indeed earth changes. They have the scalar technology to cause them all. Look below the Pacific ocean for a powerful installation for instance. Also they may be reactions to the sun since our shield is weak and porous. But frankly I know our protective shield has thinned. And I also know that when they hit the ionosphere with 1.5 billion watts to attack a nation and cause an EQ or drought, or whatever…that our protective shield can probably not heal itself. I have asked the scientists. If you have your mind and eyes focused on PX you will be an easy target. Keep your heart well-rooted in the Word where the truth is. The only body that will have catastrophic effects is Wormwood in revelation. It falls into the sea; hence, it is not bigger than Jupiter. But it is God’s judgment on fallen world. I was the greatest believer in PX for too long. I am now its worst skeptic, more than Tyler.

I add here, I can only imagine what I don’t know. We are all barely scraping the surface. Everything is classified, hidden. But not PlanetX and not Aliens either!

Here is Tyler’s video announcement today:

BREAKING : Near-space balloon flights debunk Planet X-Nibiru

“Be sober.” “Do not be deceived.” These are words of our Lord Jesus who knows the beginning, the end and everything in between. I pray this post will help.

This story is of the utmost importance. Read it and watch the videos that you may know the truth now, before it is silenced.

The many websites claiming a planetary system is coming in shortly, siting numerous bodies and anomalies, are likely deceived. I was one of them; but, the Holy Spirit convicted me. So I sought the truth for months. I have watched many balloon flight videos recently to see what is hiding above the clouds and aerosols up to near space. There is nothing to see in all of them. No interlopers–not even one.

The following balloon flight launched from California reached 115,000 feet, higher than most balloon flights; yet, all reveal clear skies as far as the eye can see. It is peculiar that no satellites are visible either.

It is written Wormwood will drop into the sea in Revelation. This I believe because God said so. The fear-mongering foisted on innocent people by YouTubers about a Planet X or Nibiru system coming in, “RIGHT NOW and ITS HUGE !! and THE END IS NEAR!!,” at this moment is what drove me to uncover the truth. We must all be sober.

I am pretty convinced at this point that these amateur astronomers and the vast amount of people sharing photos and videos are all deceived by what appears to be holographic images on the sky that is now our movie screen. The technology is well established. Why would the powers-that-be do this? Fear in you is power to them; but, it may also be a cover for the use of weather weapons.

Not one of the objects seen from the ground (and there are many) can be seen above the clouds in all the balloon flights I have viewed. So for the moment, the sky is not falling. We can all take a deep breath and focus on perhaps our moral values and spiritual strength.

I expect I will get comments that NASA have cloaking devices over the whole sky and that they bend light to hide all. I will try not to roll my eyes.

One of the more balanced reports by Videographer/Brother, Shillkiller, reported the same day as I what is going on in our skies. Stunning confirmation from heaven–pun intended! MUST WATCH / READ !

Have a look at the patented technology here. This evil is well advanced and explains the many visions of cities in the sky–all projections. We must question everything we see in the sky at this point. UFOs are probably all projections. Orbs landing on the Vatican for example must be false. Go back into the millions of reports across the world–almost all are likely false. This may even explain sun and moon tilts–projections again. You cannot make this stuff up. Bind the drones, technology and their operators in spiritual warfare lest they attempt to replace the real rapture with an alien abduction. Or worse! present a false messiah with all signs and wonders–another projection with a little man behind the curtain directing it.

ISS BUSTED : How deep deceptions go

Jeff P and Gina Santi have uncovered the source of the much debated sun dog, aura around the sun. It is in fact, not the sun. Watch the video from the ISS. You will note that it looks precisely like many videos shot across the world. This sun is nothing more than a projection from the ISS. Where is the real sun?

I wrote earlier that NASA and Bausch and Lomb hold 12 patents on artificial (fake) suns; this information was disclosed by Gill Martin. This is fact. Yes, it is stranger than fiction.

But here is the crucible: How much of our firmament is fake? Constant reports of UFOs, objects and anomalies could be mere holograms or projections. Project Blue Beam is the progenitor.

I am increasingly suspicious of reports of a Nibiru system coming into our solar system. When Steve Olson sent a balloon attached to a camera up to near space at 90,000 feet, above the clouds and chemtrails, no object was visible. The sky was clear and blue as far as the eye could see. We did not see the skies around the world; yet, sightings are reported over U.S. daily. We should have seen what is visible from the ground. We did not.

We know in the scriptures what the Lord has placed in the sky. We also know Wormwood will come as it is written. It seems Satan is hastening a false second heaven, perhaps to frighten the world into submission before its appointed time. Do not be deceived, Jesus said. Satan is a liar and the father of lies. This means this deception is his idea.

Here is the bombshell video:

OUR FIRST VIDEO : Special episodes starting this Friday

These episodes featuring the Lord’s Revelation of things to come to John at Patmos will be broadcast in the order in which they will occur. This is why we added the suffix, “Chronologically,” to the title.

Stephen Steinman has had this project on his mind for years and AllSoulsTV is thrilled to be the exclusive channel to launch this teaching series featuring him live. He has a great radio voice!

It begins on Friday, May 27, 2016. Time to be confirmed. Makes for good weekend listening! We’ll try to upload as many episodes as possible, as quickly as possible.

Bless you all Brothers and Sisters!

Astrophysicist Disclosure on Planet X is likely a hoax

Screen shot 2016-05-20 at 5.04.58 PM

Electromagnetic pull of the 3rd planet as it passes by earth.

UPDATE JULY 15, 2016 : I no longer believe in this enduring tale of Planet X / Nibiru. It is a fear-mongering tool, the devil’s favorite. Read these 2 posts for the basis for my position.

  1. Long story short
  2.  Balloon flights evidence

UPDATE MAY 28 : We are now quite sure the Shimschuk disclosure is a hoax. Rather than remove the story I want you to know what follows regarding Shimschick is not reliable. There are so many lies, it is difficult to vet. Was this intended to ridicule or to make pep[;e believe a false event?


I have debated and swayed for months and years on the Planet X AKA Nibiru rumor. The effect of so many reporting on Planet X for so long now draws yawns on its mention. There are new developments.

In the last week astrophysicist, Dr. Ronald Shimshuck (HOAX), has become an unwitting celebrity with the disclosure that Nibiru is indeed not a tale and arriving this 2016. Not long ago, astrophysicist, Dr. Eugene Ricks also came out with the same disclosure. In the 1980s, Dr. Robert Harrington who discovered Planet X met with an untimely death.


I know the U.S. government has patents for fake suns (search Bausch & Lomb / NASA patent) and space technology that can mimic asteroids. Scalar technology can change the weather. Hologram technology avails all manner of celestial events. These technologies have the potential to sell the public on a cataclysm and push them to relinquish their liberties further. Yet, I know my God exacts retribution for such deceptions. They will reap what they sow.

I still howl, “SHOW ME THE PLANET!” Yet, I sway despite a high-clearance military agent confirming said planet threat to me. As a Watchwoman, I was dutibound to publish about the subject in the past. Now Shimshuck says it is visible high up from the southern hemisphere. I’ve heard this before too. I am back in that place…again.


Notwithstanding, the strange celestial objects captured daily by amateurs beg explanations. Steve Olson, Dill Martin and many others has been working toward answers; but, this is proving to be a Herculean task. We all remain agape. Olson says he will be interviewing Shimschuck; I hope he will get answers. Hearing his voice, a live testimony, will assist us all. (Olson did not obtain an interview as he is likely fictitious.)


According to Shimschuck the system includes 7 planets/moons orbiting a large brown dwarf star. This system is co-mingling with ours. The concern has always been the 3rd planet in its system. It is expected to cause the earth to rock to and fro with a pole shift, level 10 earthquakes, tsunamis washing out all coasts and volcanoes erupting worldwide. It is not expected to collide with earth. Alternatively, he sees an extinction level event; however, the Bible does not state this. If the Bible does not say the world will end, it shall not; but, much of the world is expected to perish.

He states Nibiru is on its way, expected between September and December 2016. Is this why the Queen and the Pope say 2015 was our last Christmas? Why Jeb Bush says Trump will never get in? Why many say there will be no elections? Or is this a massive disinfo campaign shored-up by star wars technology, an alien threat, to usher in a world government. We must vigilant and discerning as the times are dark.


Remember, God is in control. I believe His wrath is reaching a tipping point. I feel it! My belief that this may be true comes from the Word. This threat may be Wormwood of Revelation 8:11. I believe the earth effects of the sixth seal in Revelation 6:12 may be Nibiru manifest this fall. Many end times prophecies have already been fulfilled; so, the timing of this interloper is, as it is written.


12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

Personally, I do not enjoy this world with what Satan, his demons and minions have done to it. I am ready for anything and undaunted. I welcome God ending the devil’s dominion and the return of our King Jesus in glory to reign with His bride.

Source of the Shimschuk hoax recently published:    Interview with Dr. Eugene Ricks      — Follow up with Dr. Eugene Ricks   Facebook Closes Down Nibiru Discussion    A Nibiru Researcher’s suspicious death  article on Dr. Ronald Q. Shimschuck


IT’S ON AGAIN : Bible Code reveals much this May !

Another wonderful Brother, committed to serving Jesus, Kurt Juergens, humbly studies the word and revelations therein. Bible codes are his specialty. In this video (and he has many!) another Brother, Michael, The Bible Code Detective, corroborates the same revelations about this May 2016. Their discoveries are both sobering and exciting. Pray about it and keep watch-every day and night from here on!

Wait until you see what is discovered in the form of a cross!

I truly enjoyed his simple teachings on the Lord’s calendar; now I can count the Lord’s days properly. “You don’t need a calendar,” Juergens exclaims.

p.s. After you view this video, Juergens channel is chock-full of Bible revelations. Enjoy his work!

100% Proof the moon has tilted, a lot

UPDATE JULY 15, 2016 : I no longer believe in this enduring tale of Planet X / Nibiru. It is a fear-mongering tool, the devil’s favorite. Read these 2 posts for the basis for my position.

  1. Long story short
  2.  Balloon flights evidence

Brother Steve Olson reports on images, skycams and videos sent from around the world. It is clearly evident to all that the moon is appearing substantially tilted. When will NASA explain this? Probably never.

Then Olson continues to show the oddities, seemingly manipulated technology, viewed from the ISS.

The red planet is increasingly more visible and appearing as large as the moon; this video is from Australia. And then, the second sun is showing up (even in Dutch newspapers!). If that’s not enough that often seen spotted green body is manifesting strangely. There’s more! View his latest video report.

Stunning ! Planet X system is now large and close

UPDATE JULY 15, 2016 : I no longer believe in this enduring tale of Planet X / Nibiru. It is a fear-mongering tool, the devil’s favorite. Read these 2 posts for the basis for my position.

  1. Long story short
  2.  Balloon flights evidence

Early effects of Wormwood written in the beginning of sorrows, moving toward the sixth seal, are clearly here with earthquakes, volcanoes, sinkholes and electromagnetic anomalies.

The next video shows the current images of bodies in the planet X system. They are the largest I have seen and the closest. Both men in the video are secular discussing esoteric ideas toward the end; but, the images are what I am focusing on. Christian brothers Steve Olson and Dill Martin report similar images in the last few days.

I am a member of an amateur/professional astronomy group. We mess with nonsense unrelated to the elephant in the sky. It’s time to bring these images to them and get feedback.

Brother Steve Olson just did an interview on Leak Project with Rex today. He will bring you up to date. Both go off on a tangent about ETs and UFOs; I believe fallen angels are behind this deception including its technology. They were banished to the first and second heaven, from earth up to their quarantined limits which likely include the moon, mars and probably the solar system.

Olson reminds everyone to get close to Jesus every chance he gets. He is quickly becoming one of our leading Sky Watchman.

They remind us that both the Queen and the Pope said 2015 was our last Christmas–on camera. The siting of the planet by the masses is going to change everything any day now.

Keep righteous. Keep praying.