ISS BUSTED : How deep deceptions go

Jeff P and Gina Santi have uncovered the source of the much debated sun dog, aura around the sun. It is in fact, not the sun. Watch the video from the ISS. You will note that it looks precisely like many videos shot across the world. This sun is nothing more than a projection from the ISS. Where is the real sun?

I wrote earlier that NASA and Bausch and Lomb hold 12 patents on artificial (fake) suns; this information was disclosed by Gill Martin. This is fact. Yes, it is stranger than fiction.

But here is the crucible: How much of our firmament is fake? Constant reports of UFOs, objects and anomalies could be mere holograms or projections. Project Blue Beam is the progenitor.

I am increasingly suspicious of reports of a Nibiru system coming into our solar system. When Steve Olson sent a balloon attached to a camera up to near space at 90,000 feet, above the clouds and chemtrails, no object was visible. The sky was clear and blue as far as the eye could see. We did not see the skies around the world; yet, sightings are reported over U.S. daily. We should have seen what is visible from the ground. We did not.

We know in the scriptures what the Lord has placed in the sky. We also know Wormwood will come as it is written. It seems Satan is hastening a false second heaven, perhaps to frighten the world into submission before its appointed time. Do not be deceived, Jesus said. Satan is a liar and the father of lies. This means this deception is his idea.

Here is the bombshell video:


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