I no longer believe in Planet X and for good reason

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I just posted this comment at SecureTeam10, not a Christian site; but as I, Tyler is attempting to alleviate unwarranted fear. Here is what I posted:

PLEASE READ THIS THAT YOUR KNOWLEDGE MAY INCREASE. “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” HOSEA I no longer believe in Planet X. I have a long history of research, communicating with people across the world and in military intelligence about Planet-X. The tell-tale sign is this : there are no bodies above the clouds near space to be seen. The visual reports all come from the ground–below the clouds, the aerosols. My conclusion is the PTB are preparing for a great deception as the bible says. They are practicing holographic projection in all forms: cities in the sky in China and other nations, and celestial bodies that mimic a planetary system and more. I have viewed hours and hours of videos shot up to 130,000 feet, far above the clouds, near space. All the bodies seen from the ground were non-existent. These are in my opinion projections, precursors for “Project False Messiah” and/or “Project Alien Invasion” and/or “Project Fake Rapture” (titles mine). The technology is well developed and already in use in the entertainment industry. They spray a dense fog and it functions as a projection screen. Look up Fogscreen and related patents. NASA even shares a patent for 12 artificial suns. The bodies seen from the ground are likely photoshop projections. They never waste a good opportunity to keep people in fear. The devil’s playground. Some will make you believe that light bending technology is hiding the bodies above the clouds. Really? Then why show below? I do not think they are yet able to bend light across the whole sky from horizon to horizon. I do think the PTB are frightened of an uprising against their lies, murders and theft. So they are throwing all the mud they can on the wall to see what will stick. Divisiveness and fear of each other works well. They fund ISIS. They fund BLM. And they pit everyone against each other. Keeping us distracted. Bread and circus. There are indeed earth changes. They have the scalar technology to cause them all. Look below the Pacific ocean for a powerful installation for instance. Also they may be reactions to the sun since our shield is weak and porous. But frankly I know our protective shield has thinned. And I also know that when they hit the ionosphere with 1.5 billion watts to attack a nation and cause an EQ or drought, or whatever…that our protective shield can probably not heal itself. I have asked the scientists. If you have your mind and eyes focused on PX you will be an easy target. Keep your heart well-rooted in the Word where the truth is. The only body that will have catastrophic effects is Wormwood in revelation. It falls into the sea; hence, it is not bigger than Jupiter. But it is God’s judgment on fallen world. I was the greatest believer in PX for too long. I am now its worst skeptic, more than Tyler.

I add here, I can only imagine what I don’t know. We are all barely scraping the surface. Everything is classified, hidden. But not PlanetX and not Aliens either!

Here is Tyler’s video announcement today:

Interdimensional voices recorded yesterday in USA

UPDATE JULY 15, 2016 : I no longer believe in this enduring tale of Planet X / Nibiru. It is a fear-mongering tool, the devil’s favorite. Read these 2 posts for the basis for my position.

  1. Long story short
  2.  Balloon flights evidence

Christian brother, Steve Olson returns after a few days of attempting to finalize a filming-by-balloon experiment to capture Wormwood on its way.

Unexpectedly, he reports an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) as one of his team members, Wayne, filmed the incoming planet from his yard. What is daunting is that Wayne was alone in the middle of nowhere. It seems the portals to hell are opening. (I can’t help wonder if this phenomena has a connection to the portals of Ba’al being installed in NYC and London in 11 days.) No Christian should be frightened by these sounds; it’s just a glimpse of the forces of darkness that are stirring up for the final battle. We will see and hear much more before the rapture, I suspect.

I have heard the same sound recorded below Siberia and I dismissed it; however, this recording is similar. Olson also reports coming under attack for his investigations. You can now see 7 bodies around Planet X in this video.