Behold the Bride of Christ

The Philadelphian Church that pleased Jesus is found today in home gatherings and they are being led by anointed men and women. Pastor David Wilkerson prophesied this many years before his promotion in 2011.

This flock is led by Shepherd Doug Perry, USA. Doug has fed Jesus’ flock with the Word and love for years. His flock reaches far beyond the walls we see in the video below.

So many Believers are scattered, lonely and unable to find a spirit filled congregation close to home, one where the glory of God is present. In Perry, Believers have found a virtual family. Perry truly loves all present and far away teaching powerfully for years on web videos and staying in touch. His Ministry, Fellowship of the Martyrs, is exceptional, transcending space and tradition.

Know that this type of in-gathering of the sheep is on the increase and soon, may be underground. The devil is doing all he can to stamp out prayer, worship, fellowship and bible study. He does not seem to grasp that faith is unstoppable.

NOTE: This Ministry is worthy of blessings for those who seek to help in any way.

Thank you!

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