CIA has a unit that sells stories to Hollywood

Again, the devil uses theatres for mind control, social engineering, psychological warfare–call it whatever. It is deception. Stop going to the theatres.

“The CIA has unit that sells stories to Hollywood,” state Steve Pieczenik. Zero Dark Thirty, the movie,  captures the great lie about Osama Bin Laden. This agent states, he was dying in 2001 of a congenital disease and had nothing to do with 9/11. The devil creates false enemies continuously to keep the world distracted and in a constant state of fear. We are living in a dark, Truman show; but, now the world is awakening with great velocity.

Alien take-over movies are part of the great lie; but, don’t draw the line there.

Taking your children to the theatre is child abuse. O! how I repent of my past gullibility.


Thank you!

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