CIA Agent warns “never watch the television”

The television, the screen, is one of Satan’s key and long-used tools. The brainwaves it engages causes a passive state, porous and able to receive all its deception. At 30 frames per second your subconscious absorbs the hidden and puts into an alpha state. What is seen is corrupting your mind as well as the unseen. It is the devil’s key tool.

Placing children in front of television is child abuse.

Psychological warfare on a global scale is in its final gasps before the fallen one checkmates the world. As soon as you hear that millions have disappeared, he will make his move. All occult symbolism, language, technology, systems and totalitarian lawlessness, already in readiness, will be activated.

Those of you left behind will mourn. You will know that the ascension of Christians has passed–even though the devil will try to mock it as something else to dash your hope, on television and all devices.


Thank you!

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