Urgent call to come against dark powers in America, Canada, UK, Australia…

Russ Dizdar is likely America’s leading exorcist, spiritual warfare warrior, removing darkness in America. He is often sought by authorities on cases of satanic ritual murder scenes.

He states Canada, especially B.C. with a high concentration in Vancouver, are invaded by darkness and dark spirits. Christians in this province must get engaged in spiritual warfare.

Know that the powers of darkness are vast in North America and have infiltrated the churches and cities/towns by stealth. 95% of churches are scouted, infiltrated, targeted, suppressed. Signs, time in prayer is shortened…virtually silent. No alter calls is another sign.

Visible signs over a town, city: New Age, channeling, reiki, psychics, tattoo/piercing parlors, occult book stores, etc… Odd, crazed violence.

Hidden signs : Covens, Luciferians, rituals, etc…  They target Pastors at 2 or 4 in the morning. Paul Ramirez, a former satanist, reports that he often astral-projected and cursed whole communities. They will curse items and give them to the undiscerning Christians. Yes, demons attach themselves to objects.

My point is you must be in spiritual warfare, breaking assignments and curses daily.

Growing numbers of people need deliverance. Growing towns and cities. Growing authorities. Growing numbers of churches. Those who have discernment, are fearless, need to go into spiritual battle.


I know the Lord chose me for this as I faced attacks years ago. Some of the attacks were paralysis with the devil choking me. I overcame with the name of Jesus and a group in SouthEast US who went into warfare for me. Another time a physical dark spirit manifested on the periphery of my home at 3:30 am as I prayed up and down my driveway (I did this nightly). I had no fear. The demon stayed and watched me for over 20 minutes. I was able to determine it was inter-dimensional as it vanished while I ignored it, continuing to pray, fearless. As I finally sought the Lord, I heard His voice, not the still small voice of the Holy Spirit (which I hear always and reverence), and He said:


It seems I passed the test. I knew what it was. Did not approach it. Did not fear. Did not engage it. Continued to pray. I also knew I was protected. I trusted Him.

For some time the Lord woke me at 3:30 am to pray up. I came to look forward to it. I felt His presence and peace that goes beyond understanding.

Listen to Russ below. His site is http://ShatterTheDarkness.net . I have featured him on this blog, right column for some time. Take this power, your power, seriously and use it fearlessly.

Part 1

Part 2


Thank you!

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