Awesome revelations: scriptures, dead sea scrolls, Enoch! MUST LISTEN!

Messianic Brother Steven Ben De Noon, Israeli News Live, hits it out of the park…again.

Among many revelations:

  • David wrote 364 psalms for each day of the year (our psalms are the same but 214 were withheld)
  • Information withheld from dead sea scrolls
  • Vatican is mother of Islam
  • Vatican is top of New World Order and Illuminati
  • “[Days shortened lest no flesh be left alive]” explained–it’s not what you think.
  • Authentication and cross-checking of Ethiopian Book of Enoch, canonized there. (I posted a direct link to it in an earlier post below.)
  • Enoch 6:1-2 and Matthew 24:38 connection on fallen angels and lawlessness today: antediluvian sorcery, defiling of the body, abuse of women, cannibalism. Then destruction follows.
  • The giants of this day : who are they?

Much more in 48 minutes. Pour some wine and kick back; you are about to graduate to the next level.