Twitter Blocks All Souls Are Mine. Hallelujah!

Screen shot 2016-05-24 at 8.27.02 AM

Screen shot of message when we click Twitter on our WordPress site.

As of a few days ago our Twitter account was blocked. I am pretty sure it is because of my recent story on the false Messiah announced by Rabbi Glazerson; but, it also could be because of my disclosure on star wars technologies. The former is more likely.

My righteous anger was aimed at Glazerson’s Pharisee-styled announcement that a character, a Knight of an obscure Order, is the Messiah in his bible codes.

I am truly unconcerned as I tried to close the Twitter account months ago but could not remember the password for the life of me! I spent more time blocking fake followers and churches with doctrines of devils. But more importantly, it was such an utter waste of time.

The righteous are bold. The evil flee by blocking you.

I am so glad God allowed this to happen. He measures and directs our steps for our good. I am finally out that fly-trap.


People need to realize that these apps are fast moving streams of data which people post–everyone is promoting, pushing–but few read. The posts move so fast that the few eyes that see them amount to a small-sized audience; but, it feels good to see high numbers of accumulated “likes” and followers in the sidebars. It is utter mind control, leveraging our human need for approval; but, also time control and a useless distraction. And the controllers know it. They are all webs of deceit and people are like insects to them, trapped their addictive sticky, spun code. I include in these behemoths like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. What is worse is that these “relationships” are not real. They endure on minimal engagement, transforming the world into mindless beggars for “likes.” Holding out a cup on the street for money offers real value and eye contact.


To boot, the apps are now webs that draw and trap people into oppression and tyranny. They are ultimately socialist/marxist–not social. You have to use their language, espouse their thoughts and promote same or you’re 86. Literally!


It won’t be too long now that defending our faith, Almighty God and the one King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ, is forbidden, unlawful and hateful. I defended Jesus in this post a few days ago and our Twitter account was blocked. The devil is attempting to stop the great commission.

Christians get mocked, scoffed and destroyed again and again with no recourse. We increasingly cannot rebut any filthy, satanic and murderous content; yet, we remain truly free in our hearts. The devils hate that!


I must also add that all these behemoths are trying to get our mobile numbers–so they can track us (see the screen shot above). Never ever give you mobile GPS trackable phone number to an app. WordPress never demands it.


WordPress powers 25% of the internet. It is an excellent platform with a group of people who are respectful, accessible and truly believe in empowering people. The Founder has rejected enormous monetary offers from venture capitalists over the years. On hearing interviews of him, his responses are always altruistic. It may be he realizes WP is the last frontier of freedom on the web.

I strongly recommend you shift your web presence to WordPress where you are still free and safer in these dark times.

George Orwell was 32 years off! 1984 is 2016.

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