Dr. Kim confirms Ron Wyatt’s Biblical discoveries

Christian Brother, Dr. David Kim, served the royals in Saudi Arabia from 2001. During his visits he explored the many sites discovered and documented by Ron Wyatt. He confirms Wyatt’s work. I already believed Wyatt, seeing with my own eyes and trusting his heart. Now the doubting Thomas’ have an additional, powerful testimony, replete with evidence.

FOR UNBELIEVERS: The Bible is precise. All events recorded are now uncovered and physically verified. Do you want to know the truth about who you are? Where you are from? Where you are going? Or do you want to continue to live a lie? The choice is yours.

Here is Dr. Kim’s interview and presentation:

IMPORTANT : A few posts below, you can watch Ron Wyatt’s documentary films. These are the most important documentaries in history and must be watched by all. These are signs given by the Lord in these last days.