Demon heard in John Podesta while torturing child

I held back on this; but, as a Watchman I can no longer. We can say “alleged” to cover our derrieres; but, God does that. The evidence is stunning–audio analysis is now rated at over 80% that this is Podesta’s voice.

Those who frustrate an investigation of this man and his accomplices will incur the wrath of God. May a millstone be tied around the necks of all pedophiles and further, thrown into the ocean.

What secular people do not realize is that a demon rises up in the voice and claims power from the destruction of the child. Satan imparts status and power to demons who destroy  children, Christians and Jews.

This may have occurred at Comet Pizza in D.C. since the background are similar. This may have been done before a hellish audience.

Many  are calling for his arrest. James Woods, Hollywood star, has joined the chorus to nab him. Look up #skippy on Twitter as it is now widespread. Skippy is Podesta’s nickname.

How does Amazon’s Jeff Bezos respond? He gives Podesta a column at the Washington Post. Please never buy anything from Amazon again. I won’t.


It also confirms my knowledge of demonic behavior.


3 comments on “Demon heard in John Podesta while torturing child

  1. JoAnn says:

    O my Lord Jesus, I could not listen to but a second of this horrific tape. These evil satanist animal need to be stopped now. No more precious children need to suffer. This animal Podesta needs to be dealt with Now. Please send this to Trump, he will handle it. I do believe President Trump was sent by God to clean this evil up and expose these sick perverted people…

    • Contributor says:

      I do too believe President Trump is anointed by God. I am sure of it.
      He knows. They are working up the ladder with evidence, I trust.
      I sent it to a close contact days ago.
      It is ghastly, widespread and heart wrenching.
      It is useful for extortion and also central to their satanic ritual.
      Destroy purity. Get promoted by the devil.

  2. CFleer says:

    Deliver the children Father in Jesus’ Name

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