President Trump, you must put an end to this. Each day more infants and children are taken, raped, tortured and murdered. And consumed by American cannibals. There is too much evidence to ignore. Your new AG must not remain silent a moment longer. Start here and follow the rabbit hole. It is global. Many “dignitaries” are clearly tied to this.

The Lord is pulling back this veil over these filthy vipers’ heads.

Witness the demons acting up.

DRAIN THE SWAMP! This is the very bottom of the swamp.

I must be honest. This discovery over the last month has deeply disturbed me. I could not sleep. I cried often. I prayed and ask God to destroy these devils. I continue.

When you are this perverted, this evil…is there true repentance possible? Are they redeemable? It would be better for these if a millstone were hung around their neck and thrown into the sea.

And it has been coming out in UK. Saville was key; but, he is reportedly dead. He provided children to the most powerful without cease.


  1. Josie says:

    The ignorance of these young people screaming at the church group of men is shocking. Makes me sick to see this. I’m hoping they are ignorant and don’t know about Pizza Gate. I can see why the gate will be narrow. Shocking!

Thank you!

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