US Bill to exit United Nations! Praise God for UNexit!


This just in from A bill is purportedly to be submitted for the US to leave the United Nations.

This world government framework formed as The League of Nations in 1945 during FDR’s Presidency and headquartered in New York may see the start of its dismantling. The UN has become increasingly nefarious over the years including its participation in wars for resources, not its pretense as a peacemaking organ.

It was founded in US; it can be dismantled in US. It is likely a US charter; yet, another UCC corporation. I have heard time and again of the usual suspects in its founding, including and principally the Rockefellers. I have not conducted recent research here; however, my memory serves.

Here are key words in recently redacted HR193:

“The President shall terminate all membership by the United States in the United Nations in any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations…The United States Mission to the United Nations is closed. Any remaining functions of such office shall not be carried out,”according to the text of HR 193.

We watch this news. RT is fairly reliable.

NOTE: This was proposed before President Trump’s inauguration early in January; but, only announced today. Was this deal made with or without President Trump? Strange news. We wait. We watch.

One comment on “US Bill to exit United Nations! Praise God for UNexit!

  1. Look forward to hearing this wonderful new outbreak.America is not in the one world government, which will be the seat of control for the anti-Christ. So, America leaving the UN will be a confirmation of the bible prophecy.The eagle winds, which offcourse is America, will protect Israel during Armageddon.which will be against Israel and the globalists,socialists and extremists (new world order).Happy to hear this

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