Excellent exchange : David Knight and Gary Byrne on security in D.C.

Gary Byrne is a former Secret Service Agent now an Author of the Clinton regime. He answers David Knight’s questions about all threats made and possible tomorrow and Friday.

It is clear the SS and Police will have zero tolerance and make arrests of any and all agitators. The arrests could be massive. It is clear they are well prepared.

Trump attendees will be safer than previously imagined especially considering up to 25,000 are present for their safety as well as the President’s.

All venues and transports will be swept and monitored. Let’s not forget “the wall of meat,” thousands of bikers call themselves; among them are Veterans, former operatives, Delta Force and Navy seal. It is sad to have to write such words; but, as a Watchman there is sometimes a need for it.

Those of you who are attending pray, as you arrive in the D.C. Disperse the Strongholds of Rebellion and Strife. This requires great faith in one’s authority.


Thank you!

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