BREAKING : Gloria Allred launches Defamation case against Donald Trump

Grasping at straws again. This is apparently a civil matter by Summer Zervos, a candidate on The Apprentice; not, a criminal matter. Surely, the globalists will speed-up this allegation faster than endless allegations against the Clinton-crime-complex. The ruses of the oligarchs are becoming so obvious in their constructive nature. I expect a counter-suit by Donald Trump for defamation and resulting damages or a simple dismissal of what will ostensibly be deemed frivolous.

I wonder if Zevros is apprised of the enormous risks of a damaging action such as this. Allred is chasing ambulances, again. She represents the enemy of all that is good and kind.

There is no claim for assault of any kind. It’s about damages for a hurt reputation. Emotional distress in the case can have a high collection value for Allred.

Allred has impeachment of Trump in her target. This is so appalling. So obvious.


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