EMERGENCY ALERT: Globalists Coup in US right now

screen-shot-2017-01-07-at-10-13-49-amOvernight, the lame-destroyer, Obama, has federalized the US elections,  13 days before Trump’s inauguration. He is not alone; DHS is behind this. A foreign army (DHS is purported to be a foreign, private entity) is at the ready to overturn the U.S. public will.

Whenever a nation exercises its will, the globalists send in operatives to destroy its leader under the guise of a malcontents’ fake coup. It’s getting old. The crying DNC was an on-going show on major networks. The key, false narrative that Russia has rigged the elections will be used to attempt to overturn the elections. It was all a build-up to this.

Make no mistake, this will trigger a civil war on a scale never seen before. Over 80% of US want Trump as President. They will be fighting to the death if Obama takes this any further.

Congress must intervene, have Obama and his cabal arrested, deposed, his chain of command, and have Trump sworn-in immediately. The White Hats within all agencies must convene and take action to protect fellow Americans and frankly, freedom from the tyranny people are awake to and fully reject.

Of course, Obama did this on Friday night. We may not see a Monday as usual. This man is evil to the core.

Brothers and sisters, PLEASE REPENT AND PRAY! Go into spiritual warfare. God is in control and will do as you ask BUT ONLY if you ask.


One comment on “EMERGENCY ALERT: Globalists Coup in US right now

  1. KEVIN K OCONNOR says:

    Amen, thank you for keeping us informed! What I don’t understand is why hasn’t congress stepped up and impeached the foul one! They now have proof that his birth cert is and has been false. If this is allowed to happen, not only will America revolt, I believe this world will hear from God Himself!

Thank you!

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