“Now that the world is awake…it’s easier to kill them,” US President Advisor

The words of Zbigniew Brzezinski, at a meeting of the CFR in Montreal, Canada, 2010, obviate the need to prove a global coup has been afoot for some time. “Zieb” has advised U.S. Presidents from Kennedy to Obama and a number of foreign, in-league leaders. Today, he continues to wield influence as a Member of the most powerful think-tanks, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the Trilateral Commission.

His words should assist those with a normalcy bias, those who deny a dark, global entity has been concentrating power into the hands of a few, shadowy men; but, by Zieb’s own admission and concern expressed to the group, the people have awakened to their [objectives]. I have never forgotten this speech not intended for the public.

The Lord began to pull back the veil many years ago. Pay attention to what he is showing you.

The words from his mouth stating it is easier to kill one million people than to control them discloses his response to the awakening. I could write a long treatise on this; but frankly, the brevity of these moments are sufficient, and memorable.

There are many ‘Ziebs’, intellectuals that do the bidding of those who control the world by debt, international bankers and oligarchs in the shadows. They finance Universities who will write endless thesis’ to justify their commissioners’ end goals. Rhetoric, propaganda, social engineering, linguistics, psychological warfare, memes and narratives, junk science, have been weapons used for global enslavement. Underpinned by these constructive exigencies, the long tentacles of the UN have shifted from its pretense of peacekeeping to a weapon of essential destruction.

The cabal appears to be losing this battle today. Their desperation may result in incalculable terror; but, they will be at war against 7 billion humans and the Almighty. Perhaps President Trump and his Cabinet will succeed in putting an end to it all; but, I believe this Jubilee is a brief time of restoration, an increased harvest for the great catching up. Peace and safety will come to an end for those who remain, a cleansing by fire, not water. It is written.

We look for precise signs of the start of tribulation, the famed peace agreement that will be brokered and broken by the Antichrist. It is indisputable that we are in the beginning of sorrows; perhaps, the horses are already cantering, soon to a gallop, then a charge.


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