VIRAL NOW : Winged 12-foot horned angel in Arizona

This is going viral at this very moment. The photo was analyzed and believed to be untampered with. Would love to hear from the person who took the photo.

The only reason I am giving this some ink is the time we are in. The demonic realm is interacting with the natural world in many signs and wonders. We know possession by spirits is rampant. We know 200 angels are in chains below; but, does this account for all fallen angels? I think not. Perhaps some have remained in the second heaven and are now manifesting.

Yes, this could be a hoax; but, I have friends who have been confronted by all manner of creatures and spirits…not to mention myself. Is is the time of the end and the devil knows his time is short.

We should acclimate to these experiences as the Bible says they are coming. I won’t blink and will war with key words. I had no fear in 2011 with what I was confronted with; God gives us supernatural courage. I did not blink and continued praying, alone at 3:30 am, in the country. You can too.


Thank you!

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