Billy Crone pleads case against post-trib

Billy Crone makes a good case to counter post-tribbers. Seldom have I heard anyone scoff at post-tribers; yet, pre-tribers have been scorned and scoffed by the post-trib Brethren. As Crone says, “[how does this help anyone to be saved?]”.


One comment on “Billy Crone pleads case against post-trib

  1. Nancy says:

    On the contrary, my friend. We are post-tribbers and we have been ostracized from the churches we have attended for many years. Been made fun of, ridiculed, and told that we were going to miss the “rapture” because we weren’t true believers, and on and on. I would rather be prepared for the worst and hope for the best instead of the other way around.

Thank you!

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