God’s time points to 2017 with many many fulfillments

By Mary Magdelene


Brother Stephen Steinman and I speak often about the final jubilee and God’s clock. Steinman references the Hebrew calendar, others reference the Gregorian calendar. Either way, we end up in 2017 with God’s completion.

The much sought specificity, specific dates for the rapture and the start of tribulation are hard to pin down; but, this may be also in God’s plan. We know the approximate time of these long prophesied events; yet, the year 2017 is almost beyond dispute. All events, years and their meanings by virtue of their numbers, function in God’s timepiece with needles ticking with precision, biblicaly and prophetically toward the time of fire and restoration.

It is remarkable that we are in the Hebrew year 5777–three sevens indicating completion. It is also remarkable that Donald Trump will be exactly 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old on the day of his inauguration. This is another sign of completion. Jesus will be the 45th King of Israel (and the world) and Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. The coincidental symmetry is mathematically incalculable.

Donald Trump has a role in this reset of the world; this will become clearer in his first 100 days. I believe the Lord is seeking a greater harvest and will use Trump in this. Trump is not to be seen as a savior; but, rather useful for the Lord’s harvest. The winnowing floor is active. It’s all about who is in the body of Christ joining Him in 2017 and who remains. This is the year of the great wedding with his bride–or five virgins on watch with their lamps filled.

Those who remain will mourn and suffer the wrath of the devil. Yet, the rapture and the signs that the unsaved will witness may deliver a second harvest until the dreaded Day of the Lord. In 2017,  those who scoff, mock and reject Jesus Christ, His great love, His great promise, that day of judgment before His throne will be worse than the attacks of the devil, and it will last for eternity.

What is it children that beguiles you in this corrupt world and holds your desire? Are you so limited in your thinking, so corrupted by the lies of the demonic realm that you cannot see how loved and special you are to God?

Enjoy Brother Scott Clarke’s overview of the times we have passed and are now in. It is so well presented and nearly precise with the knowledge God has given us.


10 comments on “God’s time points to 2017 with many many fulfillments

  1. Glenda Steele says:


  2. Josie says:

    Is it just the jews in Jerusalem that God is going to save to repopulate the earth in the end times. How do the gentile Christians fit in.

    • Contributor says:

      NO! Josie all His Saints from all kindreds and nations. I will give you verses today. Running to the local grocery! Read Revelation. So many verses there.

      • Josie says:

        I do believe it or not. But when I read that, it didn’t sound right. Thought I missed something.

      • Contributor says:

        Here you go Josie.
        How do the Gentiles fit in?

        The “man child” bride is a Gentile bride, the “first fruits” of the “barley harvest”. The 144,000 are the “first fruits” of the “wheat harvest”.

        Barley is harvested twice, as is the wheat. The separation takes place at the place of threshing, Temple Mount. David bought that site, that threshing floor to be the location of the temple. We are the temple of God on this earth, until the Spirit of God re enters the Holy of Holies, after the 3rd Temple has been cleansed (Daniel 8:14).

        This is one reason we all meet up at old Jerusalem.

        The 2300 count of days started with the “bull’s eye blood moon” which appeared as the center blood moon of a triad (June 15th, 2011). The count ends on the day the Temple will be cleansed which allows for us to depart (Daniel 8:14).

        The Gentiles virgins, half with and half without oil WERE ALL SLEEPING. In fact a second cry went out to WAKE them up. This is why the word WAKE was changed to WATCH, which implies a person is awake. A person must be awake if they are to catch the thief in the night event. Sleep can be induced by drink. Therefore scripture warns us that we should not be drunken, lest the thief come.

        Five virgin went into the weddings plural, and the others had the door closed to them. These entered into a time of darkness, where they must face the serpent for a time, times and half a time. The Jews, who now have received the testimony of Jesus, and have long held to the “Ten Commandments” have the “Spirit of the Lord” poured out upon them. Israel becomes as Egypt, providing food to the nations. Joseph bought up the land, just as Israel gets back the land.

        Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for the Pharaoh. Jesus bought back all the earth for his Father.

        All these events were pictures of what will be in the future.

        The Israelites are protected by Moses and Elijah, where as the Gentiles have no such protection and must choose between death or taking the “mark”.

        Those that somehow escape the mark will ultimately go into the millennial age to repopulate the earth.

        After 1,000 years under perfect government, billions of Gentiles follow Satan at their first opportunity. These are destroyed, followed by the creation of a new heaven and new earth.

        The bridegroom and bride live for ever in the New Jerusalem, which comes down out of Heaven.

        The End.

      • Josie says:

        I have to ask you about an article I read, can’t tell anyone else they will think I’m crazy. I read everything and I have read something very disturbing, I need to know if it’s true, if these are the creatures that will be coming up from below in the end times.This is terrifying to say the least. The web site is: TheReptilianReplicationProcessasDiscribed , and click on the first article. I am a Christian and a true believe of the Bible, but this has shaken me to the core. I would pray that a person saved or not would not have to suffer this. Please don’t think I crazy but I need to know if this is true. God Bless

  3. Josie says:

    Thank you, I know about what you just sent except the part about the Israelites being protected and the gentiles not having that protection. That makes the other question I sent even worse. I know I’m not supposed to worry but that’s my middle name…Thanks I know you are a busy man…

  4. Contributor says:

    In terms of the rapture there is no partiality–all who are chosen including messianic Jews will be taken up. But there are 144,000 pure souls, Messianic Jews from 12 tribes, who remain to minister to the lost during tribulation. This is deemed to be post-rapture. You are not here Josie. You are with me and and the throngs collected by Jesus. Do not let the devil steal this truth from you. MM

  5. Contributor says:

    Now about the reptilian belief system. There is a large community of individuals who have a truly esoteric belief system. None of it is based in scriptures. And few who make these videos are not Believers. Chief among them is David Icke and you can source much of this belief system to him. You many not have seen the TV interview dating decades back when he was an athlete; this was the time he declared he was Jesus. A large community espouse all manner of beliefs including the presence of aliens, many species and origins. Somewhere, those who create and nurture this propaganda, including new age fluff, are laughing at the world, getting a good guffaw. Do yourself a favor and be very selective as to what you watch or read on the internet. Much of it is inane, untenable and evil. Read the word to comfort yourself–this is one of its benefits. Reading the word is being in His presence. Peace follows. Do not let the Spirit of Fear torment you. Know you are set apart, protected and loved by Jesus. You are special Josie. Keep you eyes and ears incorruptible. And know that all fear-based tales and manifestations are the devil’s works. You have authority over him/them. Use it. Keeping you in my prayers dear Josie. MM

  6. Josie says:

    Thank you and God Bless…

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