Pastor D found in UK awaiting trial. Please encourage him!

He was taken to UK from Bulgaria some time ago–I believe for speaking out. Do not know the charges as I write. His sister made the video announcing where he is.

Please pray for him. Like Paul, he is in chains; but, surely as I have witnessed, steadfast in his faith.


Those of you looking for a place to donate, choose this family! The instructions are in the script below the video on YouTube. They have a full house of children and no running water.

WRITE TO PASTOR D and encourage him. Write on paper, at the address given. I will.

We send Pastor D much love during these hard times. Angels are with Him and Jesus close!

This is the cause of his arrest. MI5 infiltrated his Church. Threats and an arrest ensued.

Experience Pastor D in one of his last broadcasts.


Thank you!

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