PROPHET MARK TAYLOR : update on Sheila Zilinsky

A good listen to follow another victory against the enemy in America today. God showed His will and His power again.

A few days ago, Sister Sheila interviewed Mark Taylor who brings us up-to-date on God’s plans.


2 comments on “PROPHET MARK TAYLOR : update on Sheila Zilinsky

  1. Josie says:

    I love listening to Mark and trust in his revelations from God. But something bothering me. When he says Judge Scalia is one of God’s good judges I have to pause for concern because Judge Scalia was supposedly involved in Pizza Gate or the sexual abuse of children. What does he say about that. I really need to know. Thank You, Josie

    • Contributor says:

      I imagine Mark was sharing an opinion and drawing a comparison to the others. The way Scalia died speaks volumes of a man who was not cooperating. This may be what he meant. Good is a relative term. Not Jesus good!
      When this child trafficking ring is finally indicted, we will know. It is worldwide.
      It is simply demonic to desire infants, rape and torture them until they die. We are truly dealing with evil spirits and all engaged are possessed.

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