By Mary Magdelene

You’ve been warned you devils, you who entertain familiar, filthy spirits. You who kill children. You who kill Christians, the chosen of God. You who plot to part and destroy Israel. You false teachers and prophets who are hirelings, thieves who take the widow’s mite for their coffers, who corrupt His sheep with unknown gods and words. You rich men who join field to field that no man can have the land or grain God has appointed them.

You’ve been warned. Your rewards on their way.

FOR THE ANOINTED : Listen our beloved David Wilkerson, anointed son, taken up early to return with Jesus in the final victorious battle.


One comment on ““TOUCH NOT MINE ANOINTED!,” God

  1. rubornagain2 says:

    Amen, finally got to listen to this and totally agree! I believe that obama is the ac and he will be what brings down God’s wrath on this nation. Those that are His will be ready with their lamps full. God will remove His Son’s bride and then I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near this earth when God pours out His wrath ESPECIALLY having given His Son who the world has spurned AND, once Israel is spurned, then watch out!!!

Thank you!

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