If you only hear one sermon, listen to David Wilkerson on Amos

This morning I was led to read Joel…then Amos. This latter Prophet does not get his due, the Lord’s due. I have never forgotten Pastor David Wilkerson looking at his congregation with a frozen, warning gaze, repeating, “Amos.” He delivered the sermon entitled, “The trumpet is blowing and no one is alarmed.” It is a sermon for the last days, these days, today. Read the whole chapter only 9 chapters long. Meditate on it with the help of this sermon.

Amos is God’s judgment on the corrupt church, the rich men of the earth and sinners everywhere. It is also His plan for his restoration. Amos also teaches what is God’s judgment, not Satan’s works.

You will see in Amos the events of this day.


Thank you!

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