January 20 inauguration of Trump : “Massive, Violent”


This is what we received from a Trump insider. It’s not a great surprise; but, a confirmation.

The left is planning a massive violent rally at Donald Trump’s inauguration. StoneColdTruth, in coordination with National Liberty Federation, is organizing a peaceful counter-protest. Thus far, we have been unable to secure permits for our rally near the inauguration.

Those of you who wish to be there and join the hand of God and the warring angels present, in these proceedings can join the above as follows:

You will still have to go through a screening process and be cleared. If you are interested in going, please visit DefendTrump.com and fill out the form data accurately and completely. In the “notes” section, please enter “StoneColdTruth”. They will then be reaching out to you.

I am on good report that many Americans including Veterans will be present to add to Donald Trump’s protection. George Soros will have to recruit a very large army of unwitting participants (likely paid a paltry sum in exchange for their participation in criminal acts and possibly, their loss of life). What none realize is that they are being manipulated by this evil billionaire and his accomplices hiding behind the curtain. They do not care about any individuals but their own inner cult. Only fools will descend on Washington to defend a woman who should be in jail for more high crimes and treason than any President or politician in US history.

Here is their latest and widely circulated image, hashtag/meme and an asterisk requesting they, “wear black.” Never in the history of so-called democratic elections has there been a covert, violent movement to remove or destroy a President elected by the majority. The patriots and ‘White Hats’ in the military, FBI, and agencies must also be present to protect democracy and a government that will be the first not to fall under the control of globalist robber barrons, who steal and kill with impunity.


We Believers must go into prayerful warfare against the filthy, lying spirits that drive this movement. My next post will be prayers to read out loud, the sword of the spirit, using the authority you have to cut the serpent’s head off.

God Bless Donald J. Trump, his family, his cabinet and all his supporters.


Thank you!

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