BREAKING : Electoral College begins to betray Trump and America


This day, Associated Press reports, Electoral College Texan, Chris Suprun, switched his vote to Clinton. What did the DNC do? Threat? Payment?

Lift your voices in prayer AND spiritual warfare. If we don’t ask, we will not get. If we do not stand in spiritual battle, we will succumb.

People will now see with their own eyes and own ears that the election process is rigged. Their votes do not count. That their will does not count, according to the elite.

“Another Texas Republican elector, Art Sisneros, resigned last week rather than vote for Trump,” AP reports. Electors will vote to replace Sisneros when they convene Dec. 19 in Austin and in state capitals across the country to vote for president.

But, take note you foul spirits, GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED.




Thank you!

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