Acclimating the public to a new low : shocking drop in one generation

This is the Krampus Festival in Europe, including the Czek Republic, Austria, Germany and more. It is a ghoulish festival of demons.

Parenthood is failing, clearly. These demonic characters are hitting gleeful audiences with broomsticks and grasping children. Sanity and morality has left the building.

It’s the Gotthard Tunnel demonic ritual now on Main Street. I’d love to be there with 777 warring angels and do warfare.

It seems wholesome ideas like music, song, readings, dancing, theatre and comedy are dying on the vine.

I want to draw to your attention to HOW FAR WE HAVE FALLEN: Watch both videos for contrast. It is shocking.

God help our children. Place a hedge of protection around them. Seal their ears and eyes to the filth called entertainment, aimed at stealing their souls.

Enjoy one of the  most famous theatrical performances of the 50s.


Thank you!

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